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Arizona’s Wild Horses Given Temporary Reprieve

A recent public outcry has given a temporary reprieve to an Arizona wild herd of horses that were scheduled to be sold or culled to stop their “nuisance” roaming.


The US Forest Service has plans to remove or cull 100 of the wild horses that are on public grounds.
However, this proposal has sparked mass public backlash and threats of court injunction. Because of this, Arizona officials have now agreed not to act until after Congress meets next month. Republican Representative Kelly Townsend said she met with forest service officials and they agreed not to start the roundup until Congress goes back into session in September.


What can you do to help Arizona’s wild horse population? Sign the petition “Stop the Annihilation of the Salt River Wild Horses“.
The petition reads:

Each horse has their own records with birthdates and bloodlines, some of which date back 20 years.
It is the goal of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to preserve this iconic herd for future generations, but as a second option the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group will welcome the Salt River Wild Horses into their sanctuary in Prescott, Arizona in order to prevent them from ending up in cruel situations.


The goal for this petition is to hope for a time out that will allow for alternative plans to be made.


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