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Antje Utgaard: The Instagram Sensation You Need to Follow

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You definitely get a lot of male attention on your Instagram. How do you handle the ones who are aggressive?

I really just ignore it, to be honest. Unless someone’s hateful towards me, then I will block them and delete the comments. Some people can just be terrible, but for the most part people are supportive. I had a lot more hate in the beginning, and now I feel the people who follow me are the good people who want to follow me. There are definitely people out there who are just trying to put people down; you have to just brush it off. If it makes me happy, and I’m doing good, they should be OK with it.

Are there any foods you avoid to maintain your figure? Any foods you would recommend to eat?

I eat a lot of good carbs and drink a lot of water. I started cycling but my waist is actually smaller when I lift weights. After you focus on your body for a few months of strict eating – five meals a day – it bumps up your metabolism. So when I do indulge, [it’s OK]. I love candy and ice cream. I do have a huge sweet tooth.

What is your favorite feature on your body and why?

I really like my smile. My biggest thing is that I like people who have a nice smile and nice teeth. I’m a huge sucker for dimples, so if you got that, I think that’s the sexiest thing on somebody.

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