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An Exclusive First Look at Episode 8 of #LifestyleGoals and an Interview with YouTube Creator NataliesOutlet

We all love YouTube collaborations. But this, my friends, is more than just a simple collab. Creators NataliesOutlet, SofiaStyled, and Promise Phan recently launched a show titled “#LifestyleGoals” on the Icon Network.

To celebrate this fun project, we asked YouTube favorite NataliesOutlet all about the show as well as a few questions about how she started her channel only TWO YEARS AGO!

Stick around after the interview to get an exclusive first look of Episode 8 of “#LifestyleGoals“!

Q&A with NataliesOutlet

With #LifestyleGoals, you hope to give your viewers a more behind-the-scenes perspective. What aspects of behind-the-scenes can we expect?

As the show evolves, so do I. I want my viewers to realize I am no different than them. I am a girl with crazy dreams who is consistently chasing them. I hope to inspire my Outties to do the same and to embrace their weirdness. After all, we are the weirdest family on the internet.

You’ve mentioned in a previous video that your individual channel only shows a glimpse into your personality. What are some things that you hope to now show with this new project?

I think a lot of people don’t realize how shy some YouTubers are. I am the same way! Within the show you’ll see me tackling challenges such as filming my video in front of a crew, which was a nervewracking experience for me. Also, Promise, Sofia, and I had to learn a dance in a professional dance studio with an amazing dancer in less than 20 minutes! It was super fun! Still, I want my audience to see that I am just as shy and deal with little obstacles to get outside of my comfort zone. Honestly, magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

What are you most looking forward to with this new project? Getting to know the girls? Getting to learn from them? Something else?

Everything! To me it was all such a new experience. What was ironic is that six months ago I was waiting in line to meet Promise Phan, and now I was actually meeting her! I got the chance to see how a show is produced and work with incredible individuals along the way. The highlight of my trip was meeting my amazing Outties! I will never forget their smiles or faces.

You started your channel under two years ago. What techniques did you use to grow your channel at such a fast pace?

I learned to simplify my technique in editing videos. It used to take me an entire week to complete a video but SofiaStyled once told me “keep it simple” and that stuck with me. Now it only takes me about a day to film and edit a video. I’m really proud of it and that’s allowed me to be more consistent with my channel, which is also super important.

As you’re a full-time student, how do you balance school and your many projects?

It’s all about having fun and YouTube, to me, is an escape from school. Anytime I’m super stressed with school, I go to YouTube, get inspired, and start planning awesome videos; honestly, YouTube has been my savior in college.

What was it like to engage with your fans in person? Do you plan on doing more meet and greets soon?

It’s AMAZING! I think the best way to explain the feeling of meeting my Outties is when you haven’t seen one of your best friends in years and you reunite and it feels like nothing’s changed. It’s magical! I plan on doing a ton more meet-ups. It’s the best part of YouTube, in my opinion.

Now for the exclusive first-look!

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