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American Celebrities Who Permanently Moved Out of the United States

While thousands of people are trying each day to immigrate to the United States, there are also residents from America who are choosing to leave the country for a better life. In fact, there are several celebrities who have moved out of the U.S. permanently! And there are others who haven’t moved yet, but are thinking of doing so. Jason Mamoa, star of “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones“, has mentioned his desire to move to New Zealand. And while he hasn’t made the big move, he might be saying good bye to the U.S, soon!
Here are some celebs who have moved from America to other places in the world.

Pamela Anderson

While Pam is originally from Canada, she has called the U.S. home for many years. But recently, the “Baywatch” legend decided to leave the U.S. and instead she lives in France with her boyfriend, Adil Rami. Adil is an internationally-famous footballer whom she met last year at the Monaco Grand Prix.

To show how serious she is about him, she and her dog, Zuzu, have moved to Europe! She even put her luxurious Malibu house up for rent! Earlier this month she said, “I’m living in the South of France, 99 per cent of my life is devoted to my causes and my kids are grown.”

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