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Most Amazing Places to Travel Solo

Traveling is something we all love to do, but we usually end up doing it with family or friends. Rarely do we take time to make a trip alone if it’s not for work, and what a shame! Let’s take a look at the most amazing places to travel solo so that you can plan an amazing trip to take alone.


Fairly easy travel and low crime rates are two very practical reasons to make that solo trip to Croatia, but let’s not forget about the more romantic aspects as well. Visit the city of Dubrovnik, which sits peacefully on the Adriatic Sea and is preserved by 6,365 feet of pristine walls, and you’ll fall in love with its cobblestone streets, artisanal shops, local eateries, and warm, welcoming civilians.

Taipei, Taiwan

You’ll feel safe and never inconvenienced traveling to Taipei, Taiwan, which has incredibly low crime rates and a generous portion of English on signs so you never feel lost or uncertain about where you’re going. Peruse the traditional night markets, visit local temples, and enjoy the mix of history and modern life in this city.

Saba, Caribbean

Saba is where you jump off the beaten path in one of the most beautiful locations in the world .¨ the Caribbean Sea. The island is just a 15-minute flight from St. Maarten, and it boasts some of the best hiking and scuba diving around.

Okinawa, Japan (Really, anywhere in Japan)

Naha, the capital of the Okinawa Islands, is a wonderful blend of Japan and America due to the area’s U.S. military base, so you’ll feel right at home in a completely different culture. Travel within the island is easy, the monorail is very accessible and it links major attractions. everything from the airport to the city center to Shuri Castle. Nearby there’s also a beautiful beach, a pottery district, and a public market.

Melbourne, Australia

This city, deemed “Most Livable City” by the Economist Intelligent Unit, boasts a free tourist tram for major sights including the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, Carlton Gardens, and Federation Square. You’ll feel safe there, and you’ll love just how simple it is to get around.

Norway’s Fjords

If you want to experience some breathtaking scenery as you travel alone, consider heading to Norway’s Fjords. You’ll think crystal clearly as you sail through the Fjords. Pre-compiled itineraries are great for solo travelers, as they include transfers and step by step directions on how to navigate in order to experience all the area has to offer.

London, England

Don’t want to feel overwhelmed by a language barrier or too much of a culture shock? Travel to the British capital alone and sink right in to all the city has to offer: touring outside of the royal grounds, perusing the infamous Harrods Department store or a 1,000-year-old Borough Market, visiting spectacular theater productions on the West End, and taking in historical sights and famous destinations along the River Thames.

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