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Alternative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving for Those Who Want to Break Tradition

Many people are excited when the holiday season begins. After all, they will attend family dinners and other social gatherings. However, a traditional Thanksgiving party can be boring, especially if you do the same things every year. Even so, you can make a few changes to spice up the celebration. So, here are some alternative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving for those who want to break tradition.

1. Pajama Party

Usually, Thanksgiving can be hectic. After all, a lot of families are preparing festive foods and activities for the day. As such, some households may have a hard time ordering meals.

A great option is to order the day before Thanksgiving. That way, you’ll be sure that restaurants can accommodate your requests. After picking up the food, you can set up the table. From there, you and your family can share the festive dishes while waiting for Thanksgiving Day.

The best part of the party is that you don’t have to dress up. You and your family can wear your pajamas to welcome Thanksgiving. After eating, you can do relaxing activities, like giving each other massages and other spa treatments, to help you sleep. When you wake up, you can do fun activities and enjoy the leftover foods from your pajama Thanksgiving party.

2. Party Al Fresco

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is celebrated at home. However, you can spice up the celebration by picking an outdoor setting. In fact, one of the alternative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving is to have a picnic-style Thanksgiving party.

Remember, this holiday may be the last time of the year for you and your loved ones to appreciate the beautiful autumn scenery. As such, a picnic is an excellent activity to celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy nature.

Because planning a picnic can be challenging, you can ask your friends for help. To be specific, a potluck-style picnic is a great option. That way, your friends can bring and share their favorite holiday dishes. From there, everyone can enjoy different recipes. Afterward, you can play traditional Thanksgiving activities while enjoying the view of the park.

3. International-Themed Thanksgiving

Aside from those alternative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, another great option is to plan an international-themed Thanksgiving. While traditional holiday dishes are comforting and delicious, serving exotic meals can give your guests a unique culinary adventure.

When planning an international-themed party, you can research popular Thanksgiving dishes from other countries. For instance, you can serve Asian and Mediterranean foods. That way, your family and friends can taste and enjoy different flavors on Thanksgiving.

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