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All the Reasons You Should Be Dry Brushing

What if we told you this simple extremely affordable tool can fix a multitude of your body skin issues in only five minutes a day? Not buying it? Well, dry brushing has been a sworn secret of the beauty world, and it’s time we put it on blast.

What is Dry Brushing?

This pretty self-explanatory beauty fad is precisely what it sounds like. Dry brushing is the method of using a scrubbing brush without wetting it. You rub the dry brush onto your legs or arms or any area you suffer cellulite or any texture. Dry brushing is a form of deep exfoliation, as well as having many other benefits we’ll touch on in a second.

What Kind of Brush to Use?

Brushes that are typically used for dry brushing do resemble a horse grooming brush, so don’t be put off. Your best option is a cactus-bristled brush. Generally, you’ll want to find a brush with a handle to make the job easier. As long as the brush is made of natural bristles, you’re going to get the best results.

How To Dry Brush the Right Way

The entire process is generally quite therapeutic. Throw on some mood music and dim the lights; you’re going to be here for a while. Dry brushing can take as long as you’d like it to, but typically it should take you a good five minutes.

Before hopping into the shower, do the dry brushing routine before wetting your body. Target any areas where you suffer from dryness, cellulite, or would just generally want to improve your skin quality. Brush your skin towards your heart. This may seem silly, but brushing upward in the direction towards your heart is actually most likely to get you the best results.

Benefits of Dry Brushing


The first and most obvious benefit of dry brushing is of course the exfoliation your skin gets. Brushing your skin with dry bristles will slough away any dead skin or roughness much better than a wet scrub will. The harshness of the dry bristles works wonders at wearing down any dead skin cells.

All Natural

Sure, you can scrub yourself with your usual sugar or coffee scrub, but in this day and age it’s all about natural beauty solutions. Dry brushing helps you avoid adding any chemicals to your skin and just sticks to using your body’s blood circulation to do the job.

Increases Blood Circulation

The roughness of a dry brush does a lot more than simply exfoliate… Dry brushing as a treatment is mostly raved about for the miracles it can work on cellulite. Brushing towards your heart with a dry brush works to increase your blood circulation. This increased blood circulation is going to plump your skin up and help smooth out any cellulite. It really works!

Clears Out Pores

You know those little spots you can get all over your legs or arms? They look like hair follicles, and that’s what they are. Well, dry brushing can work to clear out those pores and tightening them so that they’re less visible. It really does it all!


With all of this information, we hope you consider adding dry brushing to your self-care routine!



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