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All-New Collection Of Banana Moon Push-Up Bikinis

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bikini, and that’s pretty close. 

True, right? 

Wearing a bikini on the beach, getting a summer bath, and showing off your summer tan the next day gives next-level satisfaction. A bikini is more than just a trendy and stylish outfit; it is a much more comfortable outfit when you are at the beach, whether you just wish to soak in the sun or soak in the water. 

With the summer almost around the corner, Banana Moon is here with a brand new, chic, and fashionable pushup bikini collection, and if you are a beach freak, you ought not to miss it out in any way! Have a look at the latest and trending bikinis out there in the market, and be prepared to post a photo dump on your social media handle the next time you visit the beach wearing it!

Pushup bikinis are more in fashion now, with women of all shapes and sizes wearing them if they want to. No doubt, these bikinis are more flattering than the normal ones, thus justifying their increasing popularity.

The Banana Moon collection is unique in many ways; it offers a variety of designs, colors, sizes, top and bottom shapes, and whatnot. Here, go on reading, and you will get enough reasons to go and check out this elegant collection.


Does not matter whether you are a person who likes dark colors or you prefer lighter shades; you can find the color of your choice in this wide range of pushup bikinis. Red, black, yellow, purple, orange, blue, green, white; you name it, they have it.


If you love animal prints, especially tiger prints, you have a varied range of bikinis in these designs. If you admire floral patterns, you can choose from a variety of bright and colorful floral design bikinis. And if you are a fan of minimalist fashion, you can go for plain solid colored pushup bikinis. Apart from all this, there are many other unique designs and patterns also available.

Top and bottom shapes

There is a wide variety available in the top and bottom piece shapes also. The tops are available in broadly two categories, with and without straps. Further, apart from pushups, they are also available in other shapes and designs such as bandeau, triangle, underwire, high neck, etcetera. The bottoms are available in designs such as high-waisted, tie-side, and classic pants.


With the world moving towards a body-positive society, where we are free to love our bodies irrespective of their shape, size, or color, there is a wide range of sizes also available in the Banana Moon collection to make every woman’s day out at the beach stylish and memorable.


Who does not wish to flaunt their body at the beach, with open hair flowing through the wind and the sea waves rustling? The beach day-out in summer can be made more memorable and fashionable by wearing a vogue two-piece, a bikini. 

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