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All Natural Deodorants That Won’t Cramp Your Style

There was a time where the only form of natural deodorant were those strange crystal-looking ones that you rubbed on dry. Well, things have come a long way since then. The demand for all natural deodorants is going up. People are waking up to the fumes they’re rubbing onto their pits! Avoiding aluminium in deodorants started out as a fad among pregnant women, but now the general public is also coming to their senses. These are a few of our favorites to keep you smelling fresh without the toxic harm. We’ve got you covered, don’t sweat it!

Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Deodorant Sticks


Photo Credit: Schmidt’s

All natural or not, Schmidt’s deodorant sticks have always been very popular. They’re the ideal deodorant for sensitive skin types. They contain great ingredients that really soothe your skin. Aside from all these benefits, Schmidt’s sticks really pack a punch in terms of preventing sweat!

Tarte Cosmetics Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant


Photo Credit: Tarte Cosmetics

Yes, they did that. We’re obsessed with Tarte Cosmetics for providing us amazing cruelty-free makeup, and they just took things one step further with this deodorant! It is fragrance-free and smells slightly powdery/fresh. Honestly, our favorite part of this deodorant is the gorgeous packaging!

Jason Dry Spray Deodorant


Photo Credit: Allure Magazine

Another classic regardless of it being all natural. Jason’s Dry Spray Deodorant promises 24 hour protection and it definitely delivers! This stuff is seriously industrial strength and guaranteed to keep your sweat in check all day long- it is even workout proof! Jason deodorants come in solid and gel form as well if you’d prefer to avoid spray on, but we do find that this spray doesn’t darken your armpits at all.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe

Lavanila offer a wide range of all natural deodorants, but our all time favorite has to be the Sport Luxe edition. The deodorants come in solid form and they smell absolutely delicious! They all come with a vanilla base, but this specific Sport Luxe edition has a lemony scent that smells super fresh. It is specially formulated for active women and it really is effective. Guaranteed to keep your sweat at bay throughout even the hardest of workouts!



Brianne’s Natural Beauty Round-Up: September 2016


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