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ALEXANDRA PAUL – A Force Within the World

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7. As a society, what do you believe is the biggest issue we face today? And what do you believe we can do to help resolve it?

The biggest issue we face today is human overpopulation. The growing number of people on the planet makes it impossible to solve climate change and water issues, and exacerbates wars all over the world. Virtually every environmental issue will be ameliorated if we brought the human population down to 2 billion. When I was born, there were 3 billion people on the planet. Now there are over 7 billion and we are going to reach 9 billion by 2050. That means the world population will have almost quadrupled in 100 years.

8. Here at VIVA GLAM we like to promote vegan living. Are you still vegan and how is that going for you?

Hooray ! Thank you for promoting vegan living! Yes I am still vegan and will be for the rest of my life. I was just in Hollywood yesterday leafleting to holiday shoppers about cruelty free fashion. I recently won the Vegan of the Year award from the animal rights group Last Chance for Animals.
Last month I swam 13.7 ocean miles in 7 hours 20 minutes. All on plant power!

9. You don’t use cosmetics tested on animals. Do you have any favorite vegan products we should look into? I use their Gabriel Cosmetics’ Marine Anti-Aging Cream and their ZuZu eye pencils. Nava Natural facewash ( Unfortunately, my favorite lip pencil (by Origins) and mascara (by Benefit) are made by companies that now test on animals so they can sell their products in China, so I no longer buy those products.

10. You are known for being very athletic and you’re always in an amazing shape. Do you feel your drive in social activism comes from your physical drive?

My love of being outdoors and my focus on health definitely makes me a more ardent environmentalist, but I love being active because it makes me feel good.
My life is better because I move my body a lot. I hate sitting! Right now, I am on my treadmill desk as I speak to you. It is a treadmill under a standing desk, where I do most of my work instead of sitting in a chair. I find being in shape makes me happier and more effective as a person.

11.What is next for Alexandra Paul?

I star in a SyFy movie called Fire Quake, and I have the independent movie Dirty and a Lifetime movie coming out in 2015. I am also producing an action comedy called The B Team with a lot of my Baywatch costars, and a movie, Valerie X, about the first animal rights activists in the United States.

Instagram: @Alexandra_actress


Twitter: @alexandra_paul

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