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Aldo Carpinteri, the Founder of Modes, Keeps Investing in His Group

The crucial aspect of making any business excel is by knowing when to expandAldo Carpinteri reflects this brilliance of entrepreneurship with his fashion segment of Modes, previously known as Stefania Mode. This new branding expressed coherence with the ideals of the 1971 company, founded by his mother Stefania: after establishing itself as a high fashion multi-brand, which supports young talent and keeps the customers first, Modes is growing faster than ever. Aldo Carpinteri has completely revolutionized the fashion industry by investing in multiple growth opportunities, rising the digital channels to the same importance of the stores.

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Power of Omnichannel Presence

Stefania Mode established itself as one of the elite fashion destinations in Italy with its brick-and-mortar stores. The charm of the brand is easily recognizable. With the futuristic insights of Aldo Carpinteri, Modes is now investing in the digital arena. Thanks to the several services meant to enhance customer experience, everyone can enjoy Modes’omnichannel shopping from anywhere in the world.​

They have established an omnipresence not only by expanding their stores, but especially being active on all digital platforms, using digital stores for selling their apparel and to offer customized services. These platforms are easy to access from smartphones and PCs, ensuring a smooth user experience that is granting Modes a great success.

Partnerships and Collaborations

All credits to the farsightedness of Aldo Carpinteri and his management team for making Modes one of the most famous Italian fashion multibrand retailer. Modes empire was not built in a day; step by step it turned into something great, with some specific collaborations that have been really meaningful. To give you an example, in 2013 Modes by Aldo Carpinteripartnered with Farfetch, an online fashion platform and via this profitable business deal, Modes started using the digital setup of this global platform, which is known for selling luxury clothes and accessories. Modes can now reach out to a worldwide audience base, facilitating further expansion of their brand.

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Investment in Stores 

Despite getting huge profits from their digital expansion, Modes by Aldo Carpinteri continues to invest in the stores. They are now based in the fashion capital of the world, Milanas they have set up a flagship store in Piazza Risorgimento 8. Standing at the heart of the city, this store breathes the same standards of Modes, interwoven with the cultural style of Milan. 

In their further prospects, Modes has also acquired ten stores across Switzerland and Italy. They are remodeling the stores for an exuberant shopping experience. With such elaborate investments, Modes sets itself as one of the most important high-fashion multi-brand retailer in Italy.

Encouraging New Designers

Over the past few years, Modes has collaborated with about 300 brands and designers to bring the best fashion experience to its customers.​As said, beyond selling the best of established fashion brands, Modes’ will is to spot emerging designers rich in ideas and talent that will set new trends for tomorrow’s fashion, to offer its customers the chance to be on the cutting edge even in advance. All the designs are checked for quality and originality before becoming a part of the Modes family.​

To give an example, there are two emerging brands that are definitely hitting the catwalks and our cities. We are talking about Random Identities and Youth in Balaclava.​

Random Identities is the product of Stefano Pilati, where man and woman fashion blends into something unique and stunning. Inspired by the Berlin techno scene, it is one of the most appreciated new designer in Modes’ catalogue.

Another brand that is getting a serious success is the Singapore-based group Youth in Balaclava, that aims to formulate new fashion styles for the youngsters in love with streetwear.

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