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What Age Is It Appropriate To Start Wearing Makeup?

What Is The Appropriate Age To Start Wearing Makeup In Today’s World?

Makeup has always been a rite of passage for young girls (and some boys), but there was a time when that rite of passage only came into play once they were about sixteen or even seventeen years old.

This isn’t to say that young girls didn’t experiment with makeup when they were much younger; who doesn’t remember sneaking into their older sister or mother’s room and playing around at her vanity a little? Surely you do, but it seemed to take so long before you were actually allowed to wear it yourself.

Of course now that you probably feel that wearing makeup can be less of a privilege and more of a pain – depending on how long you take to apply it and how much you spend at the store. So here’s a big question: how young is too young to start wearing makeup?

Determining the Age of Makeup .¨ It’s a Difficult Endeavor

As children grow older, girls in particular, they want to know more about makeup, and as an adult, you’re probably concerned about whether or not it’s even appropriate. Don’t worry, you concerns are definitely legitimate, and there are a few things that we need to address. First of all, makeup is much more accessible now than it ever was before. It is cheaper, it is sold in every store, and girls of all ages seem to be using it.

Did you know that many girls, by the age of eleven, are already seasoned experts in makeup application, and while that concerns some parents, perhaps it shouldn’t. The world is changing, and the change is pretty significant.

Makeup – It’s Easier These Days

In the past, learning makeup was difficult. It took years to master, but we have to face it that girls are simply more advanced these days. Thanks to the internet and social media they’re exposed to new and more radical ideas, and they have access to amazing tutorials that teach them how to wear their makeup effectively. They learn techniques that you or I couldn’t have dreamed of when we were children playing at our mother’s vanity, and that terrifies many parents. When a young girl seems to be better at makeup than you ever were, it can make you feel a little bit nervous, but there are a few things that need to be understood.

It’s About Feeling Good

We’re not going to beat around the bush here, makeup has been largely sexualized in our society and it hasn’t been pretty. Despite this, it is important for us to teach our children, our girls in particular that their looks are not to be sexualized in any manner. We wear makeup because it makes us look good, and it makes us feel good. We do NOT do it for the gratification of men or any potential partner! Getting this point across is absolutely critical no matter how you look at it.

Determining the Appropriate Age

Honestly, the appropriate age for wearing makeup is going to be up to you .¨ it’s your child (you know them best) and they are your rules. but if you’re looking for a solid number, we would strongly recommend the teenage years. Your daughter needs to spend time being a kid, and then, as she moves into her teenage years, she can experiment with all the colors of the rainbow, while hopefully skipping the awkward glitter phase.

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