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Afternoon Snacks that can Boost Your Energy

Most of us have a stash of different snacks to energize our bodies throughout the day. However, not all food products are good for your health. As you know, refined and sugary products like cookies and chips may give you a short-term energy boost. But, eating these products may also lead to weariness and more cravings. For this reason, it is best to opt for foods that can provide you with nutrients and stamina at the same time. So, what kind of food should you pick? Here is a list of the best afternoon snacks that boost energy.


Whenever we feel sluggish, we often reach for a cup of coffee. But, if you want something you can nibble, you can also try a few pieces of cacao nibs or dark chocolate.

While all products containing cacao has caffeine, chocolate bars have lesser caffeine contents compared to your regular cup of joe. Furthermore, cacao can provide other health benefits. Aside from being a good source of antioxidants, this bitter-flavored treat can also help reduce stress, improve focus, and uplift your mood.

However, although beneficial, it is still best to consume dark chocolate or cacao nibs in moderation. Moreover, experts recommend buying dark chocolate products with at least 70% cacao contents.


Nuts are probably the most highly recommended afternoon snacks that boost energy. This is not surprising because of the various nutrients present in this healthful product. Take almonds as an example. This nut variety is a good source of magnesium, a nutrient that plays a vital role in energy production. But, that’s not all. Aside from reducing hunger, studies have revealed that almonds can also boost your immunity and heart health.

Aside from almonds, other recommended nuts are cashews, pistachios, and hazelnuts. Trail mix is another excellent product you can choose, especially if you want a variety of flavors. A pack of this popular hiking food contains nuts, chocolate, and dried fruits.


Another great energy-boosting food is chia seed pudding. Basically, chia seeds have fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins that can help revitalize your body. In fact, in the ancient time, the Mayan and Aztec warriors consume these tiny black seeds to enhance their stamina. Moreover, chia seed is also one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

To prepare this health-friendly treat all you need to do is to soak chia seeds (three tablespoons) in almond milk (12 oz.) and wait until the black seeds swell. You can also add some berries to the mixture to enhance the recipe’s flavor and nutrient value.


Aside from the above-mentioned afternoon snacks that boost energy, another great option is goji berries. This is especially true if you want to try something exotic yet healthful. Basically, revitalizing your body is not the only benefit you can gain from consuming this popular Chinese fruit. Goji berries can also help reduce stress, promote a healthy brain, and strengthen your immune system.


Today, hummus is gaining popularity around the world because of its enticing flavor. But, there’s more. This well-like spread or dip has a high nutrient value due to its healthful contents such as chickpeas, olive oil, sesame, and lemon juice. Because of these ingredients, consuming hummus can help stabilize blood sugar, delay hunger, and boost your energy.

As you know, you can consume hummus in various ways. One, in particular, is as a veggie dip. Basically, you can pair this nutritious spread with various vegetables. But, if you’re aiming to revitalize your body, asparagus and hummus is an excellent combination. Remember, like dark chocolate, asparagus can also make you feel good due to its tryptophan contents.


The last in this list is the all-time favorite peanut butter sandwich. Compared to the other afternoon snacks that boost energy, peanut butter has more calories. However, the food’s fiber, proteins, and healthy fats can provide long-lasting strength and prevent food cravings. Thus, this tasty sandwich is still better compared to fries, chips, and other highly processed snacks. But, you have to opt for whole grain bread and peanut butter brands with low sugar contents.

Overall, these delicious snacks will not only help fight the afternoon slump. These foods are also rich in nutrients that can strengthen and revitalize your body.


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