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Add a Few Inches: How to Be Taller

To your height that is!! Here are a few tips to help you appear taller….

Height in many cultures is a factor in determining social status, physical attrativeness and even professional ability. Now I’m not claiming this to be a fair practice but the truth is it does exist. So for those of you men out there who could benefit from just a few more inches I’m here to help!! I have a few tips that can help you appear a little taller. It never hurts to try, right?


STAND UP STRAIGHT– Take a tip from your grandmother and practice good posture. Even slightly slouching can take 2″ off of how tall you appear to be.


HIT THE GYM– I’m not saying you need to look like Arnold but firming up your physique can help make you look larger in life. Focus especially on broadening your shoulders as this creates an illusion and a new focal point for the eye. Also make sure you are in your target weight for your size and height. Shedding even a few extra pounds on a shorter man can help elongate your shape.


WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT– Baggie oversized clothing is just going to make you look wide and boxy. Find clothes that fit! And if you need some advice on how they should fit check out my provious article called Fit Comes First


WEAR DARKER COLORS– One secret us women are intimately familiar with is wearing dark colors to appear slimmer. Well guys darker colors also portray dominance. Along with good posture and some confidence, dark colors can do wonders for appearing taller and more competent.


CHOOSE MONOCHROMATIC COLOR COMBOS– Try to use colors that are in the same color family as this can help make you appear taller. For example choosing shoes that are in a similar color family as your pants can make your legs appear longer. 


GO VERTICAL NEVER HORIZONTAL– Choose vertical stripes over horizontal stripes to help elongate your figure.


SPIKE IT TO FAKE IT– Want to add an easy few inches? Spike your hair!! Make sure the do is actually in style before you just jump into the Guy Fieri look, but this is the easiest way to add a few inches to your height.








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