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Actress Lindsay Sloane and Wardrobe Stylist Julie Block Talk the Fashion of ‘The Odd Couple’

If you recognize the name Julie Block, it’s because we recently featured her in our Young and Hungry set visit.
But the beauty of being a wardrobe stylist is that you can work on multiple shows
as long as shooting schedules don’t overlap; hence why the adorable Julie Block is back for our feature on CBS’s
The Odd Couple
as she tells us all about how she designed the wardrobe for the main characters.

If you’ve watched every episode of The Odd Couple like we have, you would have already noticed
the gorgeous wardrobe worn by
the cast. What we love about Block’s aesthetic is that she likes to inspire the audience to dress like the character while still making it attainable. Emily might be wearing a flawless two-piece gown that’s worth a pretty penny but you can easily replicate it with pieces possibly already in your closet.

We also talked to the delightful Lindsay Sloane who plays Emily. Besides
The Odd Couple, you may have also seen her in
Horrible Bosses, Bring It On,
Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and many more projects. She told us all about how Emily’s character has evolved, Emily’s wardrobe, and gave us insight on a few of her fan-favorite past roles.

Luckily the show just got picked up for season three, but make sure to tune in to the season finale of season two airing next Monday, May 23rd.

Q&A with
Lindsay Sloane


What do you love most about playing Emily?

I think that it’s just really nice to go to work everyday to play someone that’s just so pleasant and hopeful. Granted, she’s a weirdo with a lot of quirks and neuroses. She’s a really positive spirit and that’s a nice thing to be able to go to your job everyday and inhibit someone that is positive.

Are there any particular challenges?

I think that with this show, because of the nature of the format, we’re doing a show that has been around forever and that sometimes it can feel someone antiquated and irrelevant; to still seem that I’m playing a real person, the challenge is just keeping her grounded and yet entertaining. It’s a bizarre fine line to not just yell at the audience, to not get caught up in the live taping, and to still have the nuances as an actor, to find moments that are truthful and still maintain comedic timing.

As Matthew Perry wrote the role with you in mind, how similar are Emily and Lindsay (in terms of personality, passions, etc)?

I would like to think that we’re very different. Matthew wrote this with my voice, so maybe I’m not so far away from Emily. I think that I have always been comfortable being a little bit different and being a little bit weird, and if you historically look at the roles I’ve played, I play the underdog, the weirdo, or overachiever. But also, as an actress, it’s what I like to play. I like to find humanity in the off-beat. I think there is enough of me in her.

As you recently wrapped season two, how has Emily changed up to this point?

I think, in the first season, the only thing we saw of Emily was her pining over Felix. I love playing the forlorn person in love. I find it incredibly endearing and realistic. For the most part in life, you spend your time pining over someone; I’ve had my fair share of them. But because we’re together, it was more about Emily finding her voice in the relationship and not letting Felix, who has a strong personality, run the show. There were a few episodes about me putting my foot down and Emily explaining that .≤Yes, I love you and this is why I’m open, but it’s important that you do the same for me. Love is a give and take.’ Emily brought Felix into her world which I thought was very interesting.

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