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A Refreshing Makeup Look That’s Perfect for Summer

Whenever I’m looking for the perfect makeup look for myself, I attempt to keep the look as natural as possible. In the summertime especially, makeup looks can get extravagant very quickly, especially in the era of the Instagram makeup. Personally, I prefer something that is neutral yet bold, something that will stand out subtly. I was thrilled when I found Kokie Cosmetics, as their products gave me a tool to create the perfect summer look for myself. I was able to use bright eyeliner, glitter shadow, and their other amazing eye products to put together this killer summertime look! Below are the tools I used to create this refreshing summer look.

Matte Bronzer

First, after applying a light foundation and powder, I used just a bit of Kokie Cosmetics’s Matte Bronzer in ‘Golden’ to add just a dust of depth to my look. Bronzer is a great tool to turn any look into a look for summer, as it makes your skin look as if it’s been out in the sun (even if it hasn’t been). I’m super pale, so adding a bit of bronze coloring to my look is a must.

Clear Brow Mascara Eyebrow Gel

I don’t do much to my eyebrows, as I have full brows that don’t need much coloration. So, Kokie’s Brow Gel in the ‘Clear’ color worked perfectly for my look without me having to add anything else to my brows. Their gel did this all on its own! It was perfect.

Velvet Smooth Eyeliner in Deepest Black

I start all of my eye makeup looks by lining my inner bottom lid with a black eyeliner. As someone with blue eyes, this instantly makes my eyes pop. For this look, I did this with the Velvet Smooth Eyeliner in Deepest Black.

Dynamic Duo Eyeliner Pen

Now, I’m all about having a slight wing to my liner without it being too much. This is especially true in the summertime! So, that’s what I did with this look with the Dynamic Duo Eyeliner Pen. This is honestly my favorite eyeliner product that I have used to date. There is a thin side and a thick side of this pen. The thin side is so precise that it’s easy to quickly outline where you’d like the liner to go. It’s also perfect to reach those thin areas at the top and inner corners of the eye. On the other hand, the thick side makes it so easy to fill in for a perfect winged liner look.

Velvet Smooth Eyeliner in Bright Blue

I wanted a statement summer look, so I wanted a lot of color below my bottom lid. With that in mind, I decided to go with the Smooth Velvet Eyeliner in Bright Blue. This applied easily, and unlike many blue eyeliner pens, it really pops. It’s creamy and vibrant, making for the perfect application. And I was thrilled with the final look here. I was easily able to make a statement with my eyes in a subtle yet effective way.

Black Pro Collection Palette

For this look, I used the Black Pro Collection Palette by Kokie, as well. For the base of my eyeshadow, I used the color “Nude”. For my crease, I used the dolor “Sandstone”, and I used “Sultry” on the corners of my eyes. I leaned toward a brownish-purple color tone to match and contrast the blue liner under my eyes. Then, I accented the blue under my eye even more with “After Party”. And to highlight the purple tones in the neutrals on my lids, I used the Crystal Fusion Liquid Eyeshadow in ‘Supernova’ as a nice accent to the look. This glitter shadow was easy to apply. It could be put on thick and pigmented or light and subtle. I applied this light and subtly to top off my look.  

Volume & Length Mascara

And, of course, no look is complete without killer lashes! My lashes are usually long enough where I can ignore falsies if I have the right primer. Luckily, Kokie’s Lash Boosting Primer worked like a charm and layered so nicely with their Volume & Length Mascara.

The Finished Look

If you’re looking for the best makeup look to wear in the summer, think of warm tones, bright statement colors, and subtlety. This was what I was looking to accomplish with my look, and Kokie Cosmetics helped with that and easily allowed me to pull off an epic summer makeup look like a charm.


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