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A Lipstick According To Your Zodiac Sign? Know More About this Horoscope-Minded Brand

Canadian make-up brand, Bite Beauty, has created a line of lipsticks dedicated to the 12 signs of the zodiac. The limited collection offers a distinct color shade for each sign and, very cleverly, will be released one by one according to your month.

Each lipstick was created and manufactured by hand under a low temperature process in order to preserve a balanced mixture of nutrients, which help the lips thanks to the vitamins and Omega oils incorporated in its formula.
Other important components are the 12 edible oils and triple ground pigments, which give a saturated color with a strong finish.

The Sephora-exclusive line was curated in collaboration with psychic, astrologer, tea, tarot, and lipstick reader Tara Greene, in order to encapsulate the identifiable traits from each sign into the lipsticks.

In January they put on sale the first lipstick from the collection, called Aquarius. An intense purple lipstick, inspired by people born under this sign, described as avant-garde, social, and creative.

In February it was Pisces‘ turn. For this sign, Bite Beauty chose a toasted peach tone with a matte finish, designed to enhance the dreamer, creative, spiritual and compassionate traits of this sign.

The season of Aries has already begun and, of course, a new lipstick was released on the spring solstice day, March 21st. It is a scarlet red lipstick, very sensual, which makes a nod to the strong character of all Aries.

“Aries is a fire sign, ruled by feisty planet Mars,” says the brand. “Aries is the energetic sign of winners and wonder women, those who want to be noticed and take charge, with an all-or-nothing attitude. saving lives in the ER, or nabbing a round of funding for their hot new startup. ”

The brand is also keeping mum and not telling their fans what colors are coming up next. There are only some clues from their original press release, such as “Gemini gets a shade that will make you take a double take,” (Double take, get it?) and “Leo gets a bold, ambitious shade.” So, keep in mind that you will not know if you should’ve shopped the shade until the moment is too late.

Each limited Amouse Bouche collection is available on Sephora’s website. Each lipstick goes out of stock pretty quickly (in only 2 days!), so keep an eye on the brand when your birthday month arrives!



The Sensual Lip Colors of a Beauty Icon

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