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A helping hand: Entrepreneurial investors to watch in 2022

When an entrepreneur meets with success, they may spend a great deal of time figuring out ways to improve their own venture. Alongside this, there might be other avenues they want to take to maximize their capital. This can include investing in other businesses. The end result can be more money in the entrepreneur’s bank account, and also some great new products brought onto the market. A number of these entrepreneur investors entrepreneur’s investors may be doing their part to create new businesses in 2022, and could even be of use for your own business ideas.

Creating a business, and leading it to success, may show that an investor knows a thing or two about what they are doing. While creating his own business, David Spector of ThirdLove was also able to become an angel investor in other people’s ventures. In fact, Spector has a large number of investments in his portfolio. Other start-ups may have found it incredibly beneficial to gain financial aid and advice from a man who had managed to forge his own success. Spector’s own company managed to accrue approximately $113.1 million worth of sales in 2021 alone, which can show how much of an eye he has for products and business models. Gaining investment from someone who has achieved this much success could allow a start-up to learn a great deal about what can make a company successful.

It isn’t just successful businessmen and women that invest in companies. Some entrepreneurs can come in the form of well-known celebrities. One example of this can be Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. While she is most known as a singer-songwriter, and wife of Jay-z, she also spends time investing in start-up companies. The latest within her portfolio is Lemon Perfect, a lemon water company that wants to help people gain adequate hydration while providing flavor. The backing of such a high-profile individual could help to increase sales, or even gain support from other investors.

Sometimes, it can also be a good idea to continue investing in yourself. This way, you may be able to take your own collateral and products, and turn them into something greater. This is something that Sarah Michelle Gellar may keep practicing to help grow her net worth. Rather than just sitting on the impressive funds she accrued from various movies and TV shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she has ventured elsewhere. This can include the publication of her cookbook, and even becoming a co-founder of Foodstirs Modern Baking. Although it can be good to put money into other ideas, it can also be a good idea to think about how you can use your previous successes to be able to develop your future ones.

Investing in your own ventures, as well as those of other people, can sometimes be a great way to expand your portfolio. As entrepreneurs themselves, some of these people may be able to give brand new start-ups a wide range of support, rather than just financial backing.

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