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A Guide to Vaping: Device Maintenance Tips

Whether you are a daily user of vapes or use it occasionally, your device needs maintenance. If you want to keep it in tip-top shape and have the proper vape experience every time you use it, vape components must be preserved and cleaned regularly.

We did the work for you to avoid searching all over the internet on how to take care of your reusable vape device. Keep reading to see how you can upkeep your vape so you always have that optimal flavor, vapor, and performance.

Device Upkeep

Before heading to an online vape shop to purchase your next vape device, ensure you know how to keep it in perfect condition.

The device itself, where the battery is stored, and the tank need to be connected so you can use your vape. This part needs to be clean at all times. If the two aren’t linked correctly, or there is some sort of dirt or excess e-liquid, you will undoubtedly experience a weaker hit, or your vape might completely shut down.
The easiest way to clean the connecting parts of the device and the tank is to get a cotton bud or a cloth and carefully wipe anything that may block the connection points. Always make sure they are dry to avoid getting shocked.

Another big part of the device’s upkeep is the battery. It is always advised to charge it when it is almost about to die out. While taking the vape off the charger halfway may not be such a big deal, it is true that if you do it constantly, the battery lifespan will be shorter than always charging it to 100%.

Finally, a proper wipe-down of the whole device is a bonus. There are occasions when you are holding your vape with dirty hands, or it may have fallen on the ground, so a clean won’t hurt it. Take a dry cloth and wipe the whole device.

Tank Maintenance

The next significant component of a vape device is its tank. The tank’s job is to store the e-liquid and heat it up so it can turn into vapor later. Airflow is of utmost importance, so having clear airways will result in the device operating correctly.

Before removing the device and cleaning the tank, check the seals to ensure there isn’t any excess e-liquid built up. Having clean seals means a reduced chance of leakage. With most devices, there will be O-shaped rubber rings. If there is any indication that these are damaged, you should immediately clean or replace them.

Get some warm water and a cloth when it comes to the tank itself. Once you wash it, leave it to air-dry before attaching it to the device.

Another quick tip is to leave the device upright when not using it. This reduces the chances of any dust going into the device; plus, no excess liquid will spill if something is wrong with the seals you missed.


The main component that every vape device needs are e-liquids. Like any other product, e-liquid has a shelf life of around six months from the day you open it. Yet, there are several things you need to remember if you want to keep the flavor and strength it initially brings.

The first is always to keep the e-liquid at room temperature. While hot temperatures can cause the breakdown of some of the ingredients in the liquid, cold temperatures will make it thicker and more challenging for the device to heat.

If you leave your device out in the sun, not only will the flavors of the liquid break down, but if the liquid has nicotine in it, as most of them do, it will lose its color and strength.

On the other hand, if you leave the device out in the cold, this can result in the e-liquid becoming thicker. So, as mentioned, when this happens, the device will have a more challenging time heating it, resulting in little to no vapor coming out as you take a hit.

Always keep the bottle of your e-liquid sealed or closed. Even if the shelf life of the liquid is six months, if you don’t close the bottle that the liquid is in, it can result in a higher oxidation rate, making the liquid weaker in flavor and strength. And yet, leaving the e-liquid too long in your tank can cause problems to your coils, accompanied by a more diluted taste. So, see that you use the fluid in the given time or purchase ones with a longer shelf life.

Coil Change

For particular vape devices, coils need to be changed occasionally. So how will you know that your coils need changing? The primary indicator is when you know your device and tank are clean, yet the flavor is weak when you take a hit.

Luckily, the coils are not hard to replace. You need to take the vape apart and unscrew the coil from the top of the tank. Get your new one, screw it back on the top, and you are all set.

Moreover, new coils are cheap, so stocking up won’t cost much. But always be careful not to tighten the coil too much as it may easily break, which will only bring you more work.

Final Thoughts

Keeping every part of your vape device clean will give you the proper experience and ensure your device lasts longer.

Maintaining your vape is like cleaning your car, mobile device, computer, or another gadget. Always ensure all vape device components are running correctly and smoothly so that you prolong the life of your small gadget.

This, in turn, will not only keep the device germ-free but also let you enjoy an excellent, flavorful hit every time you inhale!

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