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A Guide to The Different Ways In Which CBD Can Be Administered

CBD – which is short for “cannabidiol” – is one of the two active chemicals that can be derived from the marijuana plant. THC, which is a far more psychoactive chemical, is classed as a drug in many countries and cannot be sold legally in various parts of the world. CBD, however, has very few psychoactive properties and has been sold in recent years in various forms. The CBD industry has expanded massively as a result. Companies selling the chemical have devised a whole multitude of ways to ingest it. Here is a quick guide to the most popular ways that CBD can be administered. All of these products are available in a number of countries, such as the US and the UK.


CBD has been associated with various benefits. When CBD products first rolled out onto the mass market, they often came in the form of tinctures. A tincture is a concentrated herbal extract made by soaking herbs in alcohol or a mixture of alcohol and water. Tinctures are commonly used in herbal medicine as they are easily absorbed by the body and can be used in small doses. CBD in tincture form can be dripped into food and drink or placed under the tongue. CBD tinctures often have a rather intense taste, so you might want to prepare a nice cup of tea to wash it down with if you use this method.


Companies like Supreme CBD sell both disposable CBD vape pens and CBD-infused vaporizer liquids. The inhalation of CBD via a vaporizer has become increasingly popular in recent years. CBD vapes come in all sorts of flavors, and the effects of the cannabinoid plant are experienced swiftly as the chemicals contained within are absorbed through the lungs. If you plan on using a vaporizer to take CBD products often, it is recommended that you get a reusable pen, which you can easily refill rather than throw away each time.


CBD balm is typically infused with other natural ingredients such as essential oils, beeswax, and shea butter. The balm is applied directly to your skin, where the CBD is absorbed through the pores much like it would be if it were ingested traditionally. People typically take balms for topical issues – although research is still ongoing regarding the impact of CBD on topical ailments. 


Gummy sweets are popularly used as ‘vehicles’ for CBD. Because of the high sugar content of gummy sweets, the slightly bitter taste of the CBD content is often effectively masked. This is the main reason for the popularity of sweet-based CBD products.


One of the most straightforward ways of taking CBD is through the use of capsules. Capsules do not contain many other ingredients – usually consisting of a thin membrane and a CBD oil. If all you are after is the supposed benefits of CBD, capsules might be the way to go. Unlike other ways of taking CBD, capsules leave no smell or taste and can be taken discreetly. 

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