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A Girl’s Guide To Styling Jordan 6’s

Sneakers have become a must-have fashion statement in a girl’s wardrobe. It isn’t only because women want to look good and stylish but also because sneakers are comfortable and functional. They’re gaining popularity globally, with the compounded annual growth rate pegged at about 8.93% from 2022-2027.

According to Forbes, Nike Air Jordans are among the coolest sneakers you can have to level up your style in 2022. These are the products of one of the most coveted brands in sneaker wear, Nike, which has a current world net income of USD$ 6.05 bn, the highest value ever achieved since 2005.

Among the Nike shoes are the famous Jordan 6’s. These include the UNC white, British khaki, DMP, carmines, and many more. Although they’re known as basketball wear, you can have them in your daily routine if you know the attire to pair with them. The following is a guide you can use for your Jordan 6’s collection:

Jordan 6 colorways 

The Air Jordan 6 was originally released in 1991. Gradually, more have been made, with some, like the Retro 6s designed by Macklemore in 2014, not making it to market. The following are some of the colorways that had a retail release:

  • White infrared
  • Black infrared
  • Sport blue
  • Maroon
  • Carmine
  • 2000 black infrared
  • Olympic
  • Midnight navy
  • Low metallic
  • University blue
  • Coral rose
  • DMP
  • CDP
  • Beijing
  • Doernbecher
  • Varsity red
  • Motorsports
  • Oreo 
  • Pistons 
  • Black cat
  • Bordeaux
  • Dongdan 
  • Electric green
  • British Khaki
  • Olive 
  • Hare 
  • Washed denim
  • UNC

Depending on which pair you have, the following is how you can style it:

1. Choose based on the occasion

Jordan 6’s come in different styles and colors, making your choices unlimited. The occasion you’re attending is a simple way to narrow your search. Here are some ideas for the following occasions:

  • Basketball game: This is an athletic outfit, so your concern should be safety and comfort. Pick a pair of high tops that will cover and cushion your ankles from injuries. Also, tie the Jordans to the top. A bonus would be matching your jersey with the shoe.
  • Casual occasion: For such an occasion, you can style your Jordans with jeans, skirts, shorts, or casual skirts. Choose coordinating colors such as denim shorts, a jacket, a white tee, and black infrared Jordans.
  • Semi-casual: Luckily, you can create a semi-casual outfit with Jordans. Pick a slim-fitting dress or skirt made from a soft material like cotton or leather. You can pair a brown leather dress with the Black cat Jordans.

Picking the right pair of sneakers for a given occasion perfects your looks and attracts admiration from onlookers. The weather should also be a consideration in your choice of sneakers. Thus, for the hotter months, you’re better off with summer sneakers designed with outstanding breathability.

2. Make the Jordan 6s the center of your outfit

You can easily style your Jordan 6 if you make it the centerpiece of your look. Remember, they don’t have to exactly match what you have in your closet. They have a multifaceted look which allows you to dress around the shoe and accentuate its features. You can pair the carmine with black leggings and a white tee.

3. Combine the Jordan 6s with slim jeans

You can style your Jordans by pairing them with slim-fitting jeans, making them stand out. Baggy jeans will cover and overshadow your shoe. Pick a shade of jeans that blends with your Jordan 6’s. Dark blue or black jeans will make any Jordan 6’s pair pop against it. 

You can also try bold-colored, floral, or camouflage pants.

4. Tuck your pants into the Jordans

If you’re wearing pants, you can show off your Jordan 6’s by tucking the trousers into your shoes. Tuck the pants around your ankles and pull the shoe tongue upwards. If you have sky blue jeans, you can make your carmines the center of your design by tucking the pants.

5. Color-coordinate your pieces

You can accentuate your Jordans by blending the colors in your shoes with your outfit. Jordan 6’s come in wide-ranging colorways, and you can rhyme these themes. Remember, wearing many bright colors takes away attention from your Jordan 6’s. If you want to match the blue in your Midnight navy pair, adding a splash of blue to your outfit is best. You can have a blue scarf, blue-rimmed shades, or a bracelet with a blue pendant. Alternatively, you can accessorize with a t-shirt that has a blue pattern or print.

It’s okay if your outfit comprises demure colors such as white, gray, or camouflage. Even though your shoe has the same neutral colors as your outfit, it doesn’t overshadow your Jordan 6’s. It accentuates the shoe, making it a cohesive part of your look.


Jordan 6’s are comfortable and classy shoes. Having them in your collection isn’t enough to make you stylish; it’s how you pair them with your other outfits. The tips above show how to dress and maintain style while wearing Jordan 6s. While exploring them, stretch your creativity to the limits and come up with combinations that leave tongues wagging.

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