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A Galantine’s Gift Guide, What to Gift Your Best Friends

Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as a day for lovers to celebrate their relationship by gifting each other flowers and chocolates and going out for an incredible date night. However, as we’ve progressed forward as a society, the importance of having a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or any sort of significant other in our lives, has trickled out. The traditional idea of Valentine’s Day has transformed slightly into a day of celebrating all of our relationships- from those with our spouses to our closest family members to our girlfriends. In fact, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your closest friends has become a huge trend. It has officially been popularized with the term “Galantine’s Day”.

Galantine’s Day is when you gather with your best friends to celebrate being single and free on Valentine’s Day. Or many who are in relationships still choose to gather with their girlfriends to celebrate Galantine’s Day and the bonds created with their closest friends. Regardless of your reason to celebrate, especially in today’s times, it’s crucial to celebrate anything we can. So, gather your closest friends and plan to celebrate Galantine’s Day this year. But what do you gift your girlfriends? Chocolates and flowers may seem like an odd choice when thinking about what to gift your friends. So, we challenge you to think outside the box this year and gift your besties friendship jewelry! Read our gift guide below to find the perfect gift for your best friends.

Friendship Necklaces

Nothing says “friendship” more than a set of matching Friendship Necklaces. This chic necklace above offers a perfect option for your best friend, as it features two gorgeous rings interwoven together on a necklace chain, representing how your lives have come together in friendship. This necklace comes in silver or rose gold, so it offers two very chic colors that work with any skin tone. And you can personalize a special message to your bestie that will arrive with the necklace. All in all, this is the perfect Galantine’s Day gift for your bff to symbolize your relationship.

Friendship Bracelets

If your bestie prefers more colorful, statement-making pieces, try gifting her this adorable Friendship Bracelet! This cute bracelet comes in silver or gold, and both options are adorned with colorful stones. This is the perfect option to gift your best friend something that shines like her personality, as it was created to inspire and empower your friendship.

Friendship Rings

If your bestie isn’t a bracelet or necklace girl, gift her a friendship ring. After all, who doesn’t love a classy, beautiful ring on their finger? The love knot on this ring is a perfect symbolization of your connection to your best friend. You can both wear a matching ring to showcase your special friendship.

More Rings

Perhaps the friendship ring is not you or your bestie’s style? If that’s the case, have no fear! We have a plethora of other ring options to mention that you may love, as well. After all, gifting a ring to your best friend for Galantine’s Day is the perfect way to say you care and you are thinking of her.

A lotus flower represents inner peace and reminds us to blossom into our true selves. And the design of this gorgeous lotus ring is incredibly unique and empowering. A lotus ring gift truly makes a statement.

If your friend is more delicate and feminine, a Semicolon Ring is the perfect option, as it looks like a cute little pink sapphire heart with adorable accents. This ring is perfect for the girly girl in your friends group.

If your friend is an artist, think about gifting her a Beautifully Broken Ring with rainbow accents. This ring makes a statement, as it has a lot of personality. Yet, it’s still extremely stylish and perfect for that colorful friend in your group.

If you have a friend you’re looking to uplift think about gifting her a Leaf Ring for Valentine’s Day to tell her to “Be-Leaf in herself” like you believe in her. It’s the perfect, inspiring simple-yet-chic piece to gift your bff.

If you really want to gift a piece that makes a statement to your closest friends, think about gifting the Rainbow Ring! It’s colorful, fun, and perfect for any friend!

Galantine’s Day is becoming a time-honored tradition that you should definitely think about celebrating with your closest friends. So, call up your gal pals, organize a get together, and find the perfect gift that fits their personalities today!

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