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A Family of 6? A 3-Row SUV Is Probably for You

Choosing a car that’s right for ferrying your family around can be very difficult, especially if you are on a budget. One of the best family vehicles around is the 3-row SUV. While these cars can be expensive brand new, they can be purchased on finance or used. This gives people who are on restricted incomes the opportunity to still acquire a reliable, safe, and durable vehicle for their families.

In this article, we will explore what the advantages of a 3-row SUV are, and why, if you have a family, they are the perfect vehicles for you:


It can’t be denied, 3-row SUVs are perhaps the most practical family cars available. Because they have larger frames, they give you room to transport your family, luggage, groceries, and anything else without having to put down the back seats. In addition, because they are large and sturdy, they can carry more weight around than most cars can. If you regularly drive your family around, then this is ideal. 3-row SUVs have lots of head and legroom, which means that they are very comfortable for large or tall people.  

These vehicles can also sit up to eight people, which makes them perfect for carpooling to and from school. If you buy yours from the manufacturer, then you can get additional extras, like roof and tow bars.


Because of their size, SUVs are some of the safest cars on the road. 3-row SUVs are able to withstand collisions better than most vehicles, which reduces the chances of injury for passengers in an accident. They are very effective at preventing accidents, because of driver assistance systems. In addition, SUVs have a multitude of added features designed to make them even safer, such as blind-spot assistance and parking sensors. Many new SUVs also come with lane drift assist and collision notifications. These systems are very effective at preventing crashes, and, prevention is always better than cure.

With that said, if a crash cannot be avoided, a 3-row SUV will fair better than a smaller vehicle will, which should be your main concern if you travel with your family in the vehicle.


While SUVs can be expensive brand new, used models can sell cheap. They can also be purchased on finance, and according to the experts at Holman Motorcars, you have complete control over customizing your finance car’s payments, coverage, and protection. When you are buying a vehicle on finance, at the end of your car’s financial term, you will be given an opportunity to refinance, pay a balloon payment, or swap your car in for a newer [or older] model. You can also purchase an SUV on hire purchase.


3-row SUVs can be very fuel-efficient. Many years ago, SUVs were the least efficient vehicles on the road. Now, manufacturers are striving to produce environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient SUVs. You can buy hybrid and electric SUVs, in addition to SUVs that are more economical in terms of fuel. This means that you can use your SUV on a daily basis, instead of for special occasions or off-road. The primary reason that SUVs are more fuel-efficient is because of economic internal combustion engines.


While 3-row SUVs are designed for daily use, they are still incredibly hardwearing and durable. This means [as aforementioned] that they are safer, and, that they will last drivers longer. They take scuffs, bumps, and crashes more easily, and don’t fall apart as other vehicles do. Not only that, but they are also still suitable for off-road use. If you enjoy hiking or exploring the countryside, then this makes them the perfect vehicle, ideal for adventuring. These vehicles also sit higher, which means that when you are driving off-road you won’t scratch or dent your car’s doors. You can also buy additional packs that increase the durability of your SUV, such as off-road packs and storage packs.


If you enjoy going out into the countryside, then you will be happy to know that most 3-row SUVs come with tow bars. This means that you will be able to tow luggage, caravans, or containers out into the countryside with you, making camping much easier. You can also use your vehicle’s tow bar to transport and move other vehicles, which can come in very handy. Because SUVs have larger engines and are heavier vehicles, they are suited to towing other cars.

3-row SUVs are some of the best cars on the road, period. As this article shows there are lots of advantages to owning one, and lots of purchase options. Try to buy an SUV that has hybrid or electric capabilities if you are buying new because by 2030 governments around the world will limit the use of non-electric vehicles.

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