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A Conversation About Fashion with Rapper Bryce Vine

We don’t often feature hip-hop artists but for Bryce Vine, we will gladly make an exception. His
music is smart, funny, and tongue-in-cheek, much like Eminem in his early days. What also makes him great for us is that his personal style is so on point. He dresses with a purpose, with a conscious color palette, and he knows what looks good on him. He may not be into brands but that’s what makes his style his own. He wears what is him and while he’s still trendy, he doesn’t let the runways dictate every item of clothing in his closet.

Make sure to check out his latest video for “The Thug Song.” Trust me. It’s awesome.



Q&A with Bryce Vine

What kinds of clothing are you drawn to when you are shopping? Louder colors? Monochromatic pieces? Classic styles?

I’ll either like these over-the-top vibrant colors or straight-up black. I like to wear a lot of black.
I like long shirts that drag down that make me look longer and taller. I like hats, baseball caps, fedoras, and beanies. I’m the only rapper in the world that doesn’t care about shoes.


In what ways do you experiment with your sense of style?

I’ll try something random. [For instance], I have a stylist and he’s really the person who convinces me when I look at something new. I’ll say no, but he’ll tell me to give it a shot. I’ll end up wearing something like that for a month.

A year ago, harem pants were [on trend]. Other people can pull it off, but he’s like .≤No, just try them.’ I wore them [almost] every day on tour. They were my favorite pants.


With fashion, the amount of trends per season always favor the ladies. Very few styles change for men. Styles usually just vary between baggy, fitted, and skinny for both pants and tops. With less options of trends to try, how do you stay on trend?

I don’t know. I don’t care about brands really. I don’t care who I’m repping, what I’m wearing. It’s hard enough to find things that fit my body well, that fall on me well. If it’s H&M, Urban Outfitters, if it works, I’ll wear it for years. I will say I have a lot of friends that are fashionable without boasting about it. They’re not in the fashion world. I kinda get a chance to see what fashion is going to develop into before it gets big here. When I was in high school, I would wear skinny jeans and long shirts, that now Lil Wayne is famous for [wearing]. I’ve always been a little bit ahead of it.


What do you think every man should have in his wardrobe?

A nice watch. I feel like it’s even harder for guys to rock certain things. I think that’s why guys have such smaller sections in men’s clothing stores since they’re such a smaller variety of stuff.


What’s your favorite item in your closet?

My favorite thing that I have right now is a Topman almost polyester all-black letterman jacket. It says Brooklyn Panthers. I bought it right after a relationship [ended] and went shopping. I was a total girl about it.


Your style of rap is very honest but still a little tongue-in-cheek, reminiscent of Eminem’s early days. How did you incorporate your style into the artistic direction of your latest music video, “The Thug Song?”

I just added elements of what was already my style. For the jail attire, I added a beanie. I guess the [color palette] is inspired by the 90s in this video.



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