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A Conversation about ‘Anchor’, Positivity, and Fangirling with Cailee Rae

Besides music, what do you do with your time off?

If I’m not really doing anything with music, I’m doing something with makeup, fashion, or food.


You graduated high school early. Did that affect your friendships?

Work is my main priority and I have a lot of time to work. But I’m still young so I want to hang out with people. I’ve very picky with my friends. I love to surround myself with positive people who are supportive and understand that I can’t hang out [all the time]. That’s the awesome part about living in California; everyone is creative. All of my friends do rad things.


Your boyfriend pops up in the occasional photo and video. How does he feel about your career? How much is he a part of it?

He’s my biggest fan. My boyfriend’s awesome and he’s so supportive. He understands work is my baby and he just wants me happy and doing what I love and that’s why I love him. He is the first one in the front row and he always cheers me on and [supports] my decisions.


How would you describe your fashion sense?

It’s a mix of casual and put-together. I like to make outfits that look nice but are fun and have personality. I like to add funky shoes (Cailee was wearing shoes with bananas on them) or cool sunglasses or a jacket. I never take my style too seriously, but I will always try something.


Do you change your look for when you’re on stage?

I amp it up a little. I like to stay pretty real and true to my style. I’ll just pop some heels on.


You recently filmed the video for “Anchor”. How was that experience?
What was the inspiration for
the song?

It was my first big music video and I thought of the concept! It was a dream come true. I’m a perfectionist and it came out more than perfect. It was an awesome experience and we had a really great time. I freaked out. I was fangirling the whole day!

This song is about being held down from someone or something. I think a lot of people expected me to do a song
that is based off a loving relationship [because I’m in one]. I [interpret] the chorus as a battle within yourself and that’s what I wanted to show with the video. I showed three scenes of being held back, chained down underwater, and covered in color, which symbolized me covered in emotion. I love this song because the lyrics are universal.


What’s next after “Anchor?” Do you have an EP coming out?

I have an EP coming out called Overthinking. I worked really hard on the songs and had a great team. I decided on that title because that’s what I did the whole time! It’s going to be really fun. All of the songs are different from each other but make sense together.



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