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A Conversation about ‘Anchor’, Positivity, and Fangirling with Cailee Rae

Does running your career via social media ever feel too cut-throat?

It’s tricky. There’s a lot of people like that on social media but I just try not to focus on them. I try to stay positive. It’s a waste of time to focus on the negative things. It’s your choice to let it in or keep it out.


Do you ever accept criticism?

I love criticism! People get offended or are afraid of it but if you notice it, it can only help you.


What singers and
inspire you?

I have three main people: Ed Sheeran (as a songwriter). I love that he accepts who he is and that his lyrics are smart. They don’t necessarily rhyme but they go together. I love Taylor Swift because she’s a great businesswoman. Her songs are awesome and catchy. I love Sam Smith. His voice is one of those voices that anyone can hear emotion in it. That’s so important to me .≤cause that’s what makes music music: connecting to a song and feeling what that artists feels.


What was the best concert that you ever attended?

twenty one pilots or Sam Smith. I cried at the Sam Smith concert. [The twenty one pilots] show was one of the concerts that I went to that was so unique. I love when you go to a concert and you get embedded in their world. You just leave their show loving them even more than you did before. I’m not a huge fan girl but I fangirled at that concert. Their show is so energetic.


What is your songwriting process? Do you write lyrics first? Music first?

It really depends on the inspiration. If it’s something that I know exactly what I want, I normally write the music first. As I write the music, the lyrics come. Sometimes I’ll do something called freewriting and type pages and pages of what’s going through my mind. Then I’ll look at it and pull things.


How would you describe the musical style of Cailee Rae?

It’s really different. If I could describe it, it would be that pop music is the base of it. There are different genres mixed in, a cool blend of everything – a product of being surrounded by talented people.


Do you think your music fits in with pop radio today?

I think I do, I think it could but it’s one of those sounds that you recognize. It doesn’t blend in and get lost.


What do you hope your music does for your fans?

I really want it to inspire them. I want it to make them learn to love themselves because that’s what music did for me. The best thing I can do is pass on the lessons that I learned and to show them that it’s OK to show certain emotions.


When can we expect a tour?

I hope that after the music comes out that I can put together a tour and see all of the Cae Baes.


A Conversation about "Anchor", Positivity, and Fangirling with Cailee Rae
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