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A Conversation about ‘Anchor’, Positivity, and Fangirling with Cailee Rae

Q&A with Cailee Rae

You started teaching yourself how to play musical instruments in the second grade. But when did you first get interested in music? What was the catalyst?

It wasn’t my family because my family is not in music at all. I just picked it up from trying to find a hobby. I felt really lost growing up because everyone in my hometown played sports. Every time I play a sport, I eat dirt! I tried everything but I accepted I wasn’t a sports person. My oasis was writing. I loved anything English: writing poems, reading poems. I’m not a huge reader but I loved finding things that rhymed and had deep emotions. I was really influenced by Taylor Swift. I started writing and fell in love with music.


What made you want to share your talent with the world and officially start a channel?
When did you start your Instagram page?

I started it about two years ago. I was in the studio and I had social media, but not really because I was only 13-years-old, but the studio [recommended] I post videos on Instagram.

[The response] took a second. I just posted a little clip and a lot of people saw it because Instagram had a popular page and it just transformed from that.
I was really scared in many ways for a long time. I didn’t really like it. I had just grown up so differently than anybody else. I was scared to be myself. I always compared myself to others. That was a big mistake. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. Stay true to yourself. Uniqueness is what makes you special. That took me a second to realize. I’m me and it’s cool that I sound different. I just did my own thing! I didn’t really care about how many people were watching. I just liked that people liked what I was doing. It was fun!


How would you describe the average Cailee Rae fan? How do they find you? How do they interact with you?

They find me off of reposts of my videos or from my tours. I toured with Lindsey Stirling and with Betty Who. Both are really great artists that I learned a lot from. My fans are just awesome. The Cae Baes (her fans) are rad. I love them; they mean everything. They are very supportive and supportive of each other.


Do you ever let song requests or their preferences influence your song choices or do you curate them per your own preferences?

I do let them recommend a bunch but I do like to keep it very true to what I like, too. If I don’t love a song, I don’t think I could cover it. I love connecting to it and really wanting to [make it my own]. You have to follow your gut sometimes.



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