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A Conversation about ‘Anchor’, Positivity, and Fangirling with Cailee Rae

Over the last decade, teenagers around the world have changed how musicians are discovered by labels. Now it’s all about their social media presence, and with this up-and-coming artist it’s no different. Musician and social media influencer Cailee Rae started her Instagram page around two years ago and she’s developed a diehard audience of over 500K followers on Instagram and has already opened for YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling and Aussie favorite Betty Who.

In person, Cailee is
as gorgeous as she is talented, especially her bright blue eyes. She’s friendly, down-to-earth, laid-back, and very much an open book. It’s no wonder her personality attracted so many fans as her positivity radiates through her and her music. If I were 10 years younger, I’d want her to be my BFF, but nothing reminded me of my age faster than her calling
Iyaz’s 2010 song “Replay” “old”, in a playful way of course. (Cailee covered the song for her channel and her fans wondered why she wasn’t covering a current track.)

Cailee Rae’s single “Anchor” drops today and it’s a beautiful pop/rock track about breaking away from something holding you back.
We asked Cailee all about the “Anchor” as well as how she deals with her social media presence, her personal style, and how her love for music all started.


A Conversation about "Anchor", Positivity, and Fangirling with Cailee Rae-anchor cover
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