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A Budget Busting Break in Cairo

Cairo is one of the most historic destinations in the world, being the home of the great pyramids and the Sphinx as well as a staggering collection of Egyptian artefacts. History buffs understandably flock there, but it is also well known for the luxury resorts that you can find there. Here at Viva Glam Magazine we love a bargain break as much as the next person, but this time we’re breaking the bank to show you the most extravagant experiences that Cairo has to offer.

Treat Yourself at the Four Seasons

A stay at any of the Four Seasons’ resorts is always a treat, but the Four Seasons First Residence in Cairo is truly out of this world. Not only does it boast unparalleled views of the magnificent river Nile to one side and the pyramids to the other, it’s also situated right in the prestigious First mall complex, meaning you couldn’t be closer to all the amenities of the city. Immediately to the west of the high rise building you’ll find the Cairo Zoological Gardens, the perfect place to spend a shady afternoon wandering through the ferns and fronds of palm trees. There are plenty of options for dinner too, with several restaurants on site. However, if you really want to push the boat out then the First Nile Boat floating restaurant is the place to be. They serve international cuisine with a molecular flair.

Of course, the fun needn’t stop at dinner time, if you’re still ready to experience more of the high life then the Four Seasons is also home to the celebrated London Club. This casino offers plenty of slot machines, but also table games with various limits. If you’re a beginner, then starting off on the lower limit tables is a good idea and if you’re a total beginner then sneaking in a little online practice can be really helpful. Learning the rules of blackjack or poker before playing in person will help you to feel confident in your abilities when you hit the tables. If you’ve left it a little late and want to squeeze in some poolside practice then ArabianBetting have got a guide to the best online casinos in the Arabic world. You’ll find instructions on how to play various games, as well as a comprehensive rundown of the bonuses available on each of their reviewed sites. Once you’ve done your studying, you can show off your skills to your heart’s content.

Lunch at Le Pacha 1901

If you haven’t had enough of the floating restaurant experience then a trip to Le Pacha is essential. It’ beautiful at any time of day, with the twinkling lights being incredibly romantic in the evening and the views being simply spectacular in daylight. There are seven separate restaurants on this magnificent boat, but our personal favorite is Le Tarbouche. This restaurant prides itself on bringing an authentic taste of Cairo to the flocks of foodie tourists that head there. The setting is beautiful, with richly decorated gold and red velvet seating leant up against huge picture windows that look right out onto the Nile. Dark wood furniture and stiffly starched table linens are the order of the day, a nod to the fine dining experience of yesteryear.

The food specialises in traditional Egyptian dishes served with a fine dining flair. There’s a huge selection of hours d’oeuvres which can be a delicious and convivial way of getting to sample as many of this country’s delicious dishes as possible. Of course, there are larger dishes too, but why have just one when you could have a dozen to share? Make sure to save room for dessert as the richly spiced chocolate tart is to die for.

Take a Flight to Remember

You’ve seen plenty of Cairo from the river by now and sampled some of the most delicious treats that the city has to offer, so let’s take a look at things from a different angle. Flying serenely over the pyramids, following the path of the Nile might seem like something that could only happen in a dream, but there are some tour operators who make that a reality. It’ll not come too cheaply, but a hot air balloon ride over Cairo is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You’ll be picked up early in the morning so that you can watch the balloons illuminate like fireflies in the darkness. As you take off, the sun will rise beneath you and reveal all of Cairo’s spectacular beauty. This is certainly an experience that is not to be missed, so make sure to book well in advance.

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