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’90s Chunky Highlights Are Trending Again – Here’s All The Inspo You Need

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While some ’90s trends like skinny brows and frosted lips (hate me later for reminding you of your biggest beauty regrets) belong in the past and only in the past, we have to admit that it was a magnificent decade in many ways. Think of the rise of those insanely chic flipped ends styles celebrities are obsessed with RN. Or those show-stopping clips that keep the bad hair days away. There’s no doubt that the ’90s have so much potential in the modern world. Fast forward to 2019, we are starting to adopt another hair trend that takes inspiration from this decade – chunky highlights. No worries, these look way more sophisticated and cool in 2019. Interested? Keep reading to discover all of the details. Hint: Kim Kardashian is already a fan.

chunky highlights hair trend
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Photo By @hairdonebymaarit/Instagram

Back in the 90s, every A-lister would visit the salon for chunky highlights dye job – Kelly Clarkson and the Olsen twins were one of the biggest fans of this coloring technique.

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