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9 Sweatproof Summer Hairstyles You Can Steal From Celebrities This Season

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It’s that time of the year when wearing your hair down is barely acceptable. The high temperatures make it challenging to keep your hair looking on point after hours of wear. If you still want to look presentable, you need sweatproof summer hairstyles that can survive the humid summer weather. Since celebs are always on the go, looking pretty and glamorous, no matter the weather, we’ve turned to them for the best (and most reliable) summer hairstyles. Scroll down to discover the chicest sweatproof summer hairstyles you can recreate this season.

sweatproof summer hairstyles to steal from celebrities
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Photo By @zendaya/Instagram

While Zendaya’s lazy bun looks, as the name implies, pretty lazy, there’s still something that gives it that model-off-duty vibe. The key to nailing the perfect undone hairstyle is to balance between put together and messy. Also, release a few tiny pieces of hair on the sides or in the front, just enough to give it that romantic, intentionally undone look.

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