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9 Questions About Love Answered by 9 Hot Men

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To celebrate, we asked some of our favorite men in entertainment nine questions about love to get to know them better and to get you ready for your ultimate Valentine’s Day! We talked to musicians, fitness professionals, actors, and social media superstars so we’ve got you covered from all angles! But first, let’s learn a little more about about these nine hot men!


This unforgettable legendary crooner is one of the biggest r&b singers in the world. He’s known for hits such as “Back at One”, “One Last Cry”, and “The Only One For Me”. He has a new album coming out on February 26th called Better featuring his new single of the same name. Go out and buy it!

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Ryan Kelley

This actor is not only easy on the eyes, but also as compassionate as they come. He grew up with 14 siblings (9 of which are adopted and multicultural). He’s best known for his role as Deputy Parrish on Teen Wolf where he’s also a hellhound. Make sure to catch the rest of season 5 of Teen Wolf on MTV!

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Dan Wells

Dan is a fitness and nutrition expert. He owns CrossFit Horsepower gyms in Los Angeles and is a CrossFit Games athlete. Prepare to see a lot more from him this coming year!

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Kendall Schmidt

Kendall is 1/2 of the musical duo Heffron Drive. Long-time fans also know him from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush. We know him as the sweet, intelligent songwriter that gives us great hugs.

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Pierre Bouvier

The lead singer of Simple Plan is one of the most attractive men in the pop/punk world. He’s also ridiculously funny and writes his own music. Simple Plan’s new album, Taking One For The Team, comes out February 19th! You can check out the new video for their latest single “Opinion Overload” here!

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Jack Griffo

Jack is one of Nickelodeon’s favorite male stars. He’s known for playing Max Thunderman on The Thundermans and making millions of girls jealous on the daily by posting sweet couple photos of him and his girlfriend Ryan Newman on social media.

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Gabriel Conte

Gabriel is one of the most beloved social media stars with almost 2 million subscribers on Vine and over 2 million followers on Facebook. He’s very much a giver as he lends his support to Compassion International-a charity that gives children in other countries access to resources such as food, water, and education. He will soon be transitioning into acting roles, but for now you can enjoy his HILARIOUS videos.

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Brian Mackey

This adorable New York-based singer has a popular fan base in Germany and the U.K. He’s a composer who also plays guitar and piano. You can buy his latest single, “Are You Listening”, here!

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Jonathan Sadowski

Jonathan is now capturing the hearts of fans as Josh Kaminski in Freeform’s Young and Hungry alongside of on-screen love interest Emily Osment. You may also know him from American Dreams, $#*! My Dad Says, or She’s the Man. Besides being an actor, he’s also a pianist, writer, magician, and athlete. Tune in on Wednesdays at 8pm to watch him on Young and Hungry!

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What does love mean to you?

Brian McKnight: Love is what’s left when everything else lets you down. It’s what keeps you going.

Ryan Kelley: That’s simple, family.

Dan Wells: I think real love is your intuitive recognition of your soul’s counterpart in another. It’s rare and super hard to find.

Kendall Schmidt: Love means having the best friend you could ever ask for. Someone who has your back and loves everything about you. Even the things that would drive her most crazy…and vice-versa.

Pierre Bouvier: To me, love now means eternal love. To me, the word “love” now has changed into something bigger than just “I love you”. I love you forever and I will always love you. Through my marriage and having kids, now I understand the difference.

Jack Griffo: To me, love is a feeling or an emotion, one that can’t really be put into words. It’s just that amazing feeling you get when thinking about a certain thing or looking at a certain person. It really does transcend words.

Gabriel Conte: When you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter what happens or what they do that might hurt you. You will do anything and everything for that person and never give up on them.

Jonathan Sadowski: Love means taking care of each other. Love means sticking up for each other. Love means not being able to get enough of each other. This goes for family, friends, and romances.

Brian Mackey: It means patiently waiting, quietly nurturing, constantly growing.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever received?

Brian McKnight: Well, Valentine’s Day isn’t really for the guy, but all I ever want and need is Reese’s Cups and one year I got a huge box of them.

Ryan Kelley: I was given a chocolate teddy bear the size of a baby once. Not sure if anyone can top that, unless they find one that’s life-sized!

Dan Wells: I was dating a girl long-distance and she surprised me with tickets to meet her for a weekend getaway in Cabo San Lucas.

Kendall Schmidt: There’s not many material items that would beat affection and cuddling.

Pierre Bouvier: Sexual favors are always the best Valentine’s gift ever…unexplained sexual activity.

Jack Griffo: I got an engraved bracelet that was really special one year. I’ll always remember it.

Gabriel Conte: Well I actually haven’t ever been in a relationship during Valentine’s Day… so…

Jonathan Sadowski: On our first Valentine’s Day together, I took Melissa (my fiancee) to see Steve Tyrell perform. Years later, she surprised me with tickets to see Steve Tyrell perform again on Valentine’s Day.

Brian Mackey: A puppy!

In what ways do you show your love for your loved ones?

Brian McKnight: In every way that I possibly can. Frankly, just being where I’m needed when I’m needed.

Ryan Kelley: I try to go out of my way as often as possible to let loved ones know I’m thinking of them. It can be a large gesture, or something as small as a text message. Just often enough to let them know you care.

Dan Wells: For me it’s about being there for them, no matter what. It’s when your friends and family are down and out that they need you the most. That, naked twister, and a swift kick in the ass when they’re being lazy. that shows some real love.

Kendall Schmidt: By trying to always be considerate of their wants and needs and making sure that that are as happy as they can be.

Pierre Bouvier: For me, it’s time. It’s time you spend with people. Being present.

Jack Griffo: I guess the only thing you can really do is just be present. I see, in myself, that my time spent is a reflection on the things important to me.

Gabriel Conte: Spending time with them and being there for them no matter what time or day it is, not just on birthdays or holidays.

Jonathan Sadowski: I’m a gift-giver. I always have been. I’m also loyal to a fault.

Brian Mackey: I get asked to fix a lot of stuff for family members so I always have my tool belt in tow. I like seeing the ones I love prosper so whenever I can help I will.

What’s your favorite love song?

Brian McKnight: There are so many but if I had to pick one it would be “You and I” by Stevie Wonder.

Ryan Kelley: “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley.

Dan Wells: Super old-school: “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys.

Kendall Schmidt: KC and JoJo “All My Life”.

Pierre Bouvier: Lately, it’s one of mine that we just came out with: it’s “Perfectly Perfect”. It’s kind of cheesy, a really simple song, but what it represents to me is pretty big. A lot of girls are challenged in their self-confidence in a lot of ways and they forget how beautiful they are. I think we all see our flaws when everyone else sees our good sides. So “Perfectly Perfect”, Simple Plan, Taking One For The Team.

Jack Griffo: Difficult question to answer. Amos Lee’s “Arms of a Woman” is among my favorites. “Tenerife Sea” by the great Ed Sheeran is a more recent one that’s really personal to me.

Gabriel Conte: “Not Over You” by Gavin DeGraw.

Jonathan Sadowski: “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys.

Brian Mackey: “Your Song” by Elton John.

What’s your favorite representation of love in film, TV, or literature?

Brian McKnight: William Wallace’s “love” spawned an entire revolution for Scotland. I think Braveheart is one of the best love stories ever.

Ryan Kelley: If I could get someone to love me like Wall¬¨‚àëE loved EVE in the Pixar movie, I’d be a very happy camper.

Dan Wells: The Bridges of Madison County. You realize I’m not going to intimidate much of my competition at the CrossFit Games with answers like this.

Kendall Schmidt: Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt in Jumanji, haha!

Pierre Bouvier: A good cheesy movie would be The Notebook. When I first saw the movie, I thought it was lame. Then I watched it over with my wife, and I thought it was pretty good. Now the [more I watch it], I think it’s really good.

Jack Griffo: As far as love stories go, a few of my personal favorites are When Harry Met Sally, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Romeo + Juliet, Blue is the Warmest Colour. If I had to pick one, you really can’t beat Shakespeare. So if one were to be my favorite representation, it would be his play Romeo and Juliet.

Gabriel Conte: One of my favorite representations of love is from the film The Blind Side where Sandra Bullock’s character, Leigh Anne Tuohy, did not give up, even through most difficult times, on Michael Oher.

Jonathan Sadowski: I think Love Actually hits the nail on the head.

Brian Mackey: The Bridges Of Madison County.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Brian McKnight: Denise from Sesame Street.

Ryan Kelley: One that I can distinctly remember is Posh Spice from the Spice Girls.

Dan Wells: Annie on Broadway. Huge sucker for a great voice- that’s never gone away.

Kendall Schmidt: Summer Sanders from Figure It Out.

Pierre Bouvier: The girl that was in the BMX movie Rad:Lori Loughlin.

Jack Griffo: Megan Fox in the first Transformers.

Gabriel Conte: Does Jasmine from Aladdin count?

Jonathan Sadowski: Claire Forlani .¨ I remember when I moved to L.A. I was working as a host in a restaurant, and she walked in.hahaha.pretty sure my face was twitching while I tried to smile.

Brian Mackey: Keira Knightley.

How do you think a man and a woman should dress on a first date?

Brian McKnight: It really depends on where they are going. First impressions are everything, so I think in whatever setting he should look nice. He should look nice, smell nice, and act accordingly. Whatever she wears should knock him out. It should say “Yes sir, you made the right choice asking me out.”

Ryan Kelley: Whatever he is comfortable in. You want to be yourself, and dressing up fancy if that’s just not you isn’t going to impress anyone. Be yourself, it’s as simple as that. Obviously, she should try to knock my socks off with an Oscar-worthy gown! Just kidding, again she should be herself.

Dan Wells: A man should look like himself- I think it’s best not to set unrealistic expectations. A woman should look hot but leave something to the imagination.

Kendall Schmidt: They should dress to match the setting. Fancy=Fancy in their way. Casual=Casual in their way.

Pierre Bouvier: Whether it be your first or last date, dress like yourself. Obviously, do it up a little bit, but dress the best way that feels like it’s still you. Whether you’re wearing a suit or a nice buttoned-down, I think it’s important to show who you are on a first date. If you don’t, you’re going to have to show that later and it might be a little embarrassing.

Jack Griffo: I guess it depends on where the date is, but as a safety, I’d rather be overdressed rather than under. A woman should wear whatever she feels most comfortable in.

Gabriel Conte: Well, that definitely depends on where they are going on a date! But they should definitely dress very presentable no matter where the occasion happens to be.

Jonathan Sadowski: Depends on where you’re rule of thumb: LOOK GOOD.

Brian Mackey: A man should dress comfortable but neat. A woman should dress comfortable but nice.

What kind of style do you prefer on a woman and why?

Brian McKnight: I think she should be able to do every style well. Whatever the occasion calls for, she should be able to pull it off without a hiccup.

Ryan Kelley: I’m into all different types of styles, it depends on the person. A woman who is completely confident in her own style is the sexiest thing on Earth. Own it and I’m hooked.

Dan Wells: I’m attracted to athletic women- shocker.

Kendall Schmidt: It really depends and could be any style that fits the moment. But overall, a trendy/sporty style works.

Pierre Bouvier: I definitely don’t like someone that’s overly dressed. But someone who is confident, when your outfit exudes confidence, that’s always a good thing. Stylistically, I like some originality.

Jack Griffo: I really can be down for a lot. I can appreciate a lot of things girls do for fashion. Having said that, I really love nothing more than my girl to be in jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of Converse. Maybe, also a ponytail. Casual and comfortable has always been most attractive to me. In more recent years, I think it subconsciously adds a sense of normalcy, that I think I need being in this industry where so much seems to be artificial.

Gabriel Conte: Definitely trendy! There is something about that style that can literally be worn anywhere a girl goes and she will still look super nice and stylish.

Jonathan Sadowski: I think it depends on the girl. Some ladies wear “sporty” very well. Some are classic. Some are t-shirts and jeans kinda girls. I happen to be engaged to a stylist, so I NEVER know what I’m gonna get on a nightly basis. Hahaha!

Brian Mackey: It’s really dependent on how she wants to dress because each occasion calls for something specific and should totally be her call…but retro is cool.

How much makeup do you prefer a woman to wear?

Brian McKnight: I prefer as little as possible, or at least it should look that way.

Ryan Kelley: Nothing is sexier than a girl who doesn’t need makeup to feel beautiful.That being said, I can also appreciate the time and effort women put into themselves to try and impress us. Makeup can accentuate certain looks that just knock your socks off. I have trouble remembering to comb my hair, so I’m constantly impressed with the energy ladies put into getting ready. If I’m into her, it’s not because of her makeup. So whatever she feels comfortable in is what I prefer. Cheesy but so true!

Dan Wells: Very minimal. Classy and unnoticeable.

Kendall Schmidt: I prefer almost none. Of course, it is really up to the girl. But I like to see her as natural as possible.

Pierre Bouvier: I have nothing against makeup, but it has to be put on in a way that it doesn’t seem like it’s makeup. It has to look like it’s a part of your face. When you can see the makeup and you can tell that it’s all makeup, it’s weird. But when people can take the time, naturally-looking makeup is good.

Jack Griffo: This goes along with the casual thing I was talking about before. I prefer little to none. I don’t mind it when girls wear makeup as long as they don’t overdo it. My only no-go is really colorful eye makeup or lipstick. I can’t stand it.

Gabriel Conte: Not a lot at all! Maybe some foundation, some mascara, and very thin eyeliner. I honestly love when a girl is confident enough to where small amounts of makeup and show what she truly looks like. That’s what’s most beautiful to me.

Jonathan Sadowski: I am NOT a fan of a lot of makeup. I prefer a natural look.
Be yourself. It’s much more attractive.

Brian Mackey: This is totally up to the woman, however I’ve always been happy with a more natural approach.

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