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9 Questions About Love Answered by 9 Hot Men

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To celebrate, we asked some of our favorite men in entertainment nine questions about love to get to know them better and to get you ready for your ultimate Valentine’s Day! We talked to musicians, fitness professionals, actors, and social media superstars so we’ve got you covered from all angles! But first, let’s learn a little more about about these nine hot men!


This unforgettable legendary crooner is one of the biggest r&b singers in the world. He’s known for hits such as “Back at One”, “One Last Cry”, and “The Only One For Me”. He has a new album coming out on February 26th called Better featuring his new single of the same name. Go out and buy it!

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BETTER Album Art
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Ryan Kelley

This actor is not only easy on the eyes, but also as compassionate as they come. He grew up with 14 siblings (9 of which are adopted and multicultural). He’s best known for his role as Deputy Parrish on Teen Wolf where he’s also a hellhound. Make sure to catch the rest of season 5 of Teen Wolf on MTV!

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Dan Wells

Dan is a fitness and nutrition expert. He owns CrossFit Horsepower gyms in Los Angeles and is a CrossFit Games athlete. Prepare to see a lot more from him this coming year!

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Kendall Schmidt

Kendall is 1/2 of the musical duo Heffron Drive. Long-time fans also know him as ¬¨¬∫ of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush. We know him as the sweet, intelligent songwriter that gives us great hugs.

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Pierre Bouvier

The lead singer of Simple Plan is one of the most attractive men in the pop/punk world. He’s also ridiculously funny and writes his own music. Simple Plan’s new album, Taking One For The Team, comes out February 19th! You can check out the new video for their latest single “Opinion Overload” here!

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Jack Griffo

Jack is one of Nickelodeon’s favorite male stars. He’s known for playing Max Thunderman on The Thundermans and making millions of girls jealous on the daily by posting sweet couple photos of him and his girlfriend Ryan Newman on social media.

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Gabriel Conte

Gabriel is one of the most beloved social media stars with almost 2 million subscribers on Vine and over 2 million followers on Facebook. He’s very much a giver as he lends his support to Compassion International-a charity that gives children in other countries access to resources such as food, water, and education. He will soon be transitioning into acting roles, but for now you can enjoy his HILARIOUS videos.

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Brian Mackey

This adorable New York-based singer has a popular fan base in Germany and the U.K. He’s a composer who also plays guitar and piano. You can buy his latest single, “Are You Listening”, here!

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Jonathan Sadowski

Jonathan is now capturing the hearts of fans as Josh Kaminski in Freeform’s Young and Hungry alongside of on-screen love interest Emily Osment. You may also know him from American Dreams, $#*! My Dad Says, or She’s the Man. Besides being an actor, he’s also a pianist, writer, magician, and athlete. Tune in on Wednesdays at 8pm to watch him on Young and Hungry!

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YOUNG & HUNGRY - "Young & The Next Day" - Gabi's mind plays tricks on her, causing her to second guess her latest adventure on the season premiere of
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(Freeform/Adam Taylor): Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski

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