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9 Facts We Learned About Rachel Platten During the Interview at the Grammy Museum

Rachel Platten treated her fans to a special interview and acoustic performance on May 9th at the Grammy Museum. Platten was interviewed by Scott Goldman, the Vice President of the GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares for the first hour. Following the interview, Platten performed stripped-down versions of five tracks off of Wildfire using only acoustic instruments and her electric keyboard. Platten performed “Fight Song”, “Stand By You”, “Lone Ranger”, “Speechless”, and her new single “Better Place”.

During this lengthy interview, we got to learn many fun facts about Platten as she’s very much an open book. (She was also very honest in our interview a few months ago.) We all know Platten’s very kind, charitable, and a hell of a songwriter, but you’ll be surprised how much we learned about her in this interview.


Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes Inspired Her to to Learn How to Perform

Before this album, Platten had only played the piano or sang separately. This album inspired her to face her fears and learn how to do both together.


She Originally Ignored Her Love of Performing

Platten had been a pianist since a very young age and also sang in choir. But she never paid attention to her love of performing until her study abroad semester in college when she performed in front of thousands of people in Trinidad. As a teenager, she assumed everybody shared that same passion for performing and ignored it until her performance in Trinidad.


She Used to Play in Cover Bands

She performed in both a Prince cover band and a Sly & the Family Stone cover band. We’d love to see footage of that!


She’s Played a Lot of Bad Gigs

Her band was once hired to play background music at an auction at the Soho House in New York City. The band was forced to play in the corner, only to be drowned out by the noise of the auction.


“Fight Song” Was Her Feel-Good Anthem, Too!

Before the track was completed, Platten loved the chorus of “Fight Song” so much that she played the demo version for herself when she was down.


Once She Learned Music Production, She Was Able to Finish “Fight Song”

Platten asked someone at Guitar Center to teach her Logic so she could produce her own tracks. Only after she mastered Logic was she able to make “Fight Song” sound the way she wanted it to instead of relying on producers to interpret her vision.


Wildfire‘s Title Was Inspired by Her Manager, Ben Singer

Platten used to try to emulate other artists’ tone and songwriting, trying to find her own voice. Her manager remedied that with this quote: “We don’t warm ourselves to anyone else’s fire. We start our own fire.”


Platten Works Really Hard to Be Positive

Like any other human, we all experience many different emotions. But as fans look to her for happiness and empowerment, it can be hard to always be bubbly. We think she makes it look effortless.


Her Overarching Goal in Music is to Bring People Together.

Well…we think it’s working.




Check out her new music video for her new single “Better Place”!



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