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9 Benefits of Custom Embroidery

A form of complex and ancient needle artwork, custom embroidery has been around since antiquity. Hundreds of years ago, an embroidered dress was used to convey information about the wearer—their social status, ethnicity and system of beliefs. Specific regions have unique embroidery styles, and it’s one way of knowing the origins of the wearer.

These days, embroidered shirts are used as company uniforms and mainly for identification. However, there are other benefits in incorporating custom embroidery to your regular outfits and other items. Here are the main advantages of having custom needlework done in various types of apparel:     

1. Promotes Personalization

With custom embroidery, you can have the name, nickname, favorite quote, number, or anything that holds meaning or identifies a person. In a company setting, it’s common to see an employee wearing a shirt with the company logo and family or first name on it. In other settings, you’ll have more freedom to think of any symbolism to represent you, your family members, or friends.

2. Symbolizes Professionalism

Employees wearing t-shirts with custom embroidery creates a good impression for your business. A brand logo is your company’s identity, and it helps convey legitimacy and professionalism, as compared to screen-printed shirts. 

3. Fosters Unity

It’s not a bad thing to allow your staff to choose what they want to wear. But, it doesn’t look professional to have one staff member wearing a tie and the other one lounging in their pajamas. A uniform with custom embroidery shows you are a team working to achieve the same goals.

4. Establishes Identity

Ever experienced going into a store and not knowing how to distinguish shop employees from the customers?  Save your potential customers from guessing by having your staff wear custom embroidery for proper employee identification. Employees wearing custom embroidered apparel allows customers easier access to staff in case they require assistance. This also means your brand takes customer service seriously. 

5. Custom Embroidery Is Perfect For Gift-giving

Spruce up your gifts to family and close friends with custom embroidery. Place unique logos, symbols, names, quotes, or even inside jokes on hoodies, shirts, or hats. This way, your receiver will appreciate the thought and effort that went into the item they’re getting. You can have the personalized gift embroidered or you can perform embroidery projects yourself.

6. Custom Embroidery Helps Promote Brand Awareness

You can personalize gifts to your loyal customers, too. By inserting a personal touch in your giveaways, your company may successfully encourage customer retention. Customers want to feel heard and valued, and one way to show appreciation for their patronage is by adding a personal touch to your gifts. More than custom embroidery, choose high-quality and stylish custom embroidered hats, shirts, and towels to ensure your customers will enjoy receiving any item from your company.

7. Enhances Distinction

Having custom embroidery on your employees’ shirts can also help you stand out from among the other companies operating in the same building or on the same block. A unique embroidery can help the public identify your brand more easily. It also helps customer recall your name easily once they’ve had positive experiences dealing with your brand.

8. Encourages Individuality

An embroidery can reflect the wearer’s love for art.  If you’re a chic and non-traditional fashionista, having a custom embroidered apparel can relay a powerful statement of uniqueness, so are these other ways to transform your boring T-shirt into a sexy and interesting piece.

9. Can Be An Effective Advertising And Marketing Tool

Custom embroidery can serve as a walking billboard for your company. You can place the company logo and tagline on almost everywhere—t-shirts, jackets, towels, pillowcases, handkerchiefs, bags, and hats, among other things. By having your staff and customers wear embroidered items on a regular basis and in locations other than home and office, your brand will achieve wider exposure. This is especially helpful to fresh businesses hoping to increase brand awareness to the public.

Final Thoughts

Custom embroidery serves many purposes apart from identification and distinction. When done properly, it can become an essential marketing and advertising tool, promoting brand awareness and increasing brand exposure.

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