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8 Ways You Can Incorporate CBD Oils In Your Daily Routine

Have you thought of incorporating CBD oil into your daily routine? If yes, it’s important to know about it and how to properly use it.

Basically, CBD oil will not get you high because it’s extracted from hemp plants that contain less THC, the compound responsible for the “high” feeling. Usually, a good quality CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC. That’s the reason why you should always check how much THC is in a gram of CBD product you plan to purchase.

CBD oil can be easily administered and takes several minutes to start working. For you to achieve optimal results, it’s recommended to be taken daily. With a sustained level of CBD in your body, it enables the natural balancing properties of the compound to perform at its highest level.

Below are some of the ways to incorporate CBD oils in your daily routine:

Add CBD Oil to Your Morning Routine

Every person has a usual morning routine, which also becomes a habit for life. Incorporating CBD oil in your morning routine will benefit you in many ways, especially once you add it to your morning coffee or beverage.

Doing so can improve your daily performance by improving your focus, keeping you active, improving your levels of energy, and sharpening your mind. With this, you can start your day right and be more productive.

Consider CBD Oils For Your Afternoon Snack

Small treats, such as granola bars, nuts, fruits, or gums may serve as pick-me-ups to push people through the afternoon lull and maintain their productivity level. CBD helps provide focus and mental clarity as the afternoon starts to slow down. You may add a few drops to your afternoon beverage or to your snacks to experience the perks of CBD.

Once you do this daily, it’ll help you deal with the stress and help you focus more on your duties.

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Add CBD Oils to Your Post- and Pre-Workout Routine

Since it promotes better mental and physical health, one of the effective ways to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle is to exercise regularly. Unfortunately, lifting weights, doing cardio, and playing some sports can put a strain on your muscles.

If you love working out or doing some daily exercises, adding a dose of CBD into your post or pre-workout beverage can be a great decision. The reason behind it is that CBD helps with reducing pain and inflammation that’s associated with sports and working out.

With faster recovery, you’ll be able to work out more, enabling you to help achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Aside from CBD oil, you may also use a CBD topical cream to apply the achy areas and experience pain relief.

Use CBD Oils for Meditation

If you enjoy doing meditation every morning, you can incorporate CBD oils to your routine.

CBD contains chemicals that improve your overall demeanor. It’ll help you improve your meditation by getting you to focus quickly.

Since CBD may take some time to take effect, it’s a good idea to take CBD oil several hours before you start with your meditation.

Use CBD Oils When Cooking Your Meals

Another way to incorporate CBD oils into your daily routine is by using it as an ingredient. There are some CBD recipes you can try at home. Depending on your preferences, choose the ones that are easy to cook and will give you delicious meals.

The best thing about cooking with CBD oil is that you can try it on some of your favorite meals. However, it’s important to use the right dosage of CBD oil when cooking with it.

Just remember that CBD’s boiling point is between 320 degrees Celsius and 356 degrees Celsius. Therefore, cooking it above the said range may lose its effectiveness and cause it to evaporate.

The cannabinoids also bind well with fat. So, think of using CBD oil-based ingredients or butter in your cooking.

Use CBD Oils to Your Skincare Routine Daily

The majority of people have a daily self-care routine, which often includes skincare. To take care of one’s skin properly, most people use face wash, daily cream, and some beneficial skin products day and night.

If you want to incorporate CBD oils into your skincare routine, you can just add a few drops of it in your skincare products. For you to enjoy the benefits of CBD oils, just make sure to know the right amount of CBD to use for your skincare products. If you don’t have a clue about the recommended dosage, it’s best to consult your doctor.

Use CBD Oils When Unwinding During Nighttime

Regardless if you read books, do crossword puzzles, have midnight snacks, or watch Netflix, everyone has their own way of unwinding after a long day at work.

If you’ve been on a stressful day and you want to relax, you can use CBD oil to level out your serotonin levels. This can also regulate your endocannabinoid system to reduce the likelihood of anxiety and prepare your body to recharge.

Depending on your preferences, you can add a drop of CBD oil in the beverage you’re drinking or snacks you’re eating.

Use CBD Oils for Your Daily Bedtime Routine

For some people, it’s a struggle to experience a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, based on some studies, taking CBD oil before you go to bed is beneficial to improve your sleep quality. The same study also indicates that CBD can interact with particular cannabinoid receptors, which affect one’s wake or sleep cycle.

To get the fastest results, CBD oil should be ingested sublingually. So, if you cannot fall asleep or before you go to bed, take CBD oil to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


The benefits of CBD oils are promising in terms of improving one’s overall health condition. Even if more research is needed to prove the claims about CBD oil, many people are still using this product because of how effective it is, especially if you’re using quality made CBD products.

When searching for CBD oil to use, consult your doctor and look for the right manufacturer to reap the benefits of CBD oil in your daily routine.

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