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8 Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication

Between 2015 and 2018, 13.2% of Americans used antidepressants. For many people diagnosed with depression, prescription drugs can do wonders. All the antidepressants, especially those that can help by enhancing the serotonin reuptake, like Zoloft and Prozac, can help in some cases. Not only that they will provide advantages, but they can also have some side-effects.

However, their prices can be pretty hefty, depending on the patient’s health insurance coverage. Still, there are a plethora of ways to counter numerous depression symptoms. We can see that many people have succeeded in creating an effective depression treatment without including any medication. We know that this state makes people feel helpless. What you need to understand is that this is not true. It’s quite the opposite. We would like to talk about a couple of ways you can handle this state without prescription drugs.

1.  Establish a Routine

People who are suffering from depression lack routine. One of the effects of this condition is that all the structure is stripped away from a person’s life. We are talking about the state when one day melts into the next. Creating a schedule where you will insert all the daily obligations, will provide you with a sense of purposefulness, which is essential for coping with this condition.

2.  Limit Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine consumption doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re only drinking coffee. Numerous other products are steeped in caffeine, like soda, tea, and chocolate. So, you should limit your caffeine consumption to an acceptable level. Especially during the late afternoon. That way, you will prevent its interference with your sleep. Not only that drinking too much coffee during the day can disrupt your good night’s sleep, but it can also cause caffeine withdrawal.

3.  Have More Exercise

Of course, not all people have the time nor will to exercise every day. However, having frequent exercises will have a positive effect on your mood. At the same time, we are not talking about high-intensity sessions that will drain your energy away. A half-hour low-intensity session every day is more than enough for you to feel better about yourself. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt you to spend this time outdoors. Sunshine and fresh air have been proven beneficial for people suffering from depression.

4.  Change Your Perception

One of the most obvious ways to avoid negative thoughts is to change the perception. Maybe this change of perception will provide you with a chance to find some positivity, who knows? Undoubtedly, positive thoughts are the main drive-force behind feeling good about yourself. Also, when you think about it, you will see different perceptions of everything that surrounds us. So, don’t stick with the negativity, look for something positive.

5.   High-Quality Sleep

It’s needless to say that mood and good night’s sleep go hand in hand. Having a streak of low-quality sleep for a couple of days, and you will notice the change in your attitude. Not only that the number of hours is important, having a schedule will provide you with a lot of benefits. The room you are sleeping in needs to be completely free of all the things that ask for your attention, like TV, mobile, and laptop. Instead, try to read a book, and you will feel sleepy in no-time.

6.   Drinking Less Alcohol

Many people think that alcohol can help them to feel better about themselves. We are sure that it sounds like a pretty good way to escape from the feelings. The truth is widely different. Alcohol, as of the whole, is a depressant. It means that the symptoms can get even worse after its consumption. Besides, it can lead people towards making some bad decisions that can have long-lasting consequences. When it’s combined with other substances, the situation can get even worse.

7.  Focus on Social Life

When someone doesn’t feel too good, there’s absolutely no reason for them to go through the rough time alone. These folks should reach out to their family and friends. Whenever you feel bad, try to organize a gathering that will make you feel good. Plus, it is important not to be in contact with people who have negative energy that makes you anxious. The alternative to these gatherings can be enlisting in some group activity. Surely, you will be able to find something that fits your preferences.

8.  Stress Management

Folks diagnosed with depression have a high level of a steroid hormone called cortisol. At the same time, cortisol level skyrockets in stressful situations. Thankfully, there are a lot of helpful strategies that can help people to manage their stress more efficiently. The most prominent ones being meditation, time management, and biofeedback training. However, the most obvious one is taking a couple of deep breathes before reacting. We know it sounds simple, but we assure you, it helps.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are a lot of ways you can battle depression without using medication. However, even in serious cases where prescription drugs are needed, the patients should use some of these tips. Certainly, they will provide long-term benefits.

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