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8 Questions About Love Answered by Celebs You Love

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Shot by Bobby Quillard

Do you prefer a low-key Valentine’s Day or a romantic night out?

I haven’t had a proper Valentine’s Day in a while. Years ago, my ex-girlfriend gave me an opportunity to do something sweet.

I prefer doing something personal, like a home-cooked meal. One year, I left rose petals in a heart shape. That’s way more appealing than going to a restaurant.

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

It was actually on my birthday. My ex threw me a surprise party. We went to a nice dinner, but she had called my friends in San Diego. To do something without me knowing was romantic and personal.

What’s the best love advice you’ve ever received?

The older I get, the more this resonates. A real relationship and true love takes work. It’s not always going to be easy, but it’s always going to be worth it.

With our generation, there are so many dating apps and platforms to meet people. It’s easy for somebody to move on as soon as there’s a struggle. But if you love somebody, you work through it.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Emma Watson – Hermione in “Harry Potter”.

What is your favorite love song?

On my album, “You’re the One That Got Away”, it’s about a girl that nobody would ever guess. I barely even dated her; I was in the single mindset. It’s someone amazing but only after realized after the fact that it was too late. That was one of the best people I’ve ever met and felt lucky to get to know her and bummed I wasn’t in a more serious place in my life. It reminds me to take a second look.

What does love mean to you?

There are different levels of love. I love friends and it’s because they’ve shown and reciprocated the same feelings and effort that I’ve put into the relationship. Then there’s love that people relate to – I’m madly in love with this person. It goes beyond lust. But real love is when you get past the attraction and just really enjoy spending time with this person and feel fulfilled being around them.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

None – I don’t think it’s a big thing.

What’s your favorite representation of love in film, TV, or literature?

“Love Actually” is my favorite movie about love. I think it’s beautifully done.

I have a movie called “It Happened One Valentine’s”, and it may have a U.S. release date on TV soon. I told the director that it reminded me of “Love Actually”. I’m so proud of this cast, and he almost teared up. He had a quote [from the movie] tattooed on his arm.

You can watch him on “Celebrity Big Brother” on CBS until February 25th. You can also listen to his original music on his YouTube channel.


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