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8 out of 10 Women Wear the Wrong Bra Size — What Are the Effects?

Getting home at the end of the day and releasing that bra clasp is like a breath of fresh air. The issue arises as to whether this pain is an inevitable by-product of the feminine experience or a red flag that you’ve been using the incorrect bra size, despite the fact that this daily practice seems nearly universal among women of all ages. 

It’s not only the unpleasant feeling of being hemmed in that an ill-fitting bra may cause; there are also serious health risks. To further give you an idea about the risks of wearing an incorrect bra size, here are some effects that you wouldn’t want to experience. 

1. Back problems and improper posture. 

Working at an office or desk job is usually said to be one main reason for slouched posture. However, it’s not just that, as it could be because of an incorrect fit of the brassiere. 

Women who suffer from chronic upper back pain may trace their discomfort to poorly fitting bras. Tightly coiled bra straps, which are often adjusted to compensate for a cup that does not cradle the total bust adequately, may contribute to the downward pressure that causes a hunchback by resting on the shoulders and bearing the weight of the breasts. 

2. Shoulder Discrepancy

When a bra strap rests on a woman’s shoulder, it applies pressure in a circular motion. If a bra’s straps are excessively narrow or too firmly adjusted, they might cut into the wearer’s muscular tissue, causing them to slump.

3. Breast Sagging 

While it may seem like a tighter bra provides more support, doing so might reduce blood circulation in your bust. Conversely, an excessively loose bra causes problems as well. Loose-fitted brassieres are less likely to provide enough support.

Although sagging will naturally occur with age, it may be delayed by providing sufficient reinforcement to counteract the normal effects. 

4. Uneven bust proportions.

A simple bra, like clothes that need extra padding or have strange strap arrangements, can make you look better or worse. However, a bra with an incorrect fit can make you look even worse with its uneven bust proportions. This unequal proportion may become permanent and visible if no other steps are taken. 

How To Avoid These Possible Risks? 

Determining your correct bra size is a must for every woman out there, as it enables you to achieve comfort and protects you from serious health risks. You can do this in the traditional way using measurement tape or through the use of a calculator for bra sizes. With a calculator, you only need to put your measurements, such as bust and band size, in their corresponding fields and get results with just one click.

Final Words 

Many women around the world experience all the risks mentioned above. Thus, it’s important that you take into consideration these possible factors when you’re at the store looking for a brassiere. Your bras aren’t just for your comfort; they’re also for your health’s benefit in the long run. 

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