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8 Natural Ways To Get Longer and Healthier Eyelashes

There are no women or men in the world who do not want to have long and divine eyelashes. And although there are thousands of ways to achieve this, people have developed an addiction towards extensions, but in the end there is nothing better than a natural lash.

Therefore, to ensure that your eyelashes remain long even after washing your face, here are some homemade remedies that will make them longer and stronger. Try them and feel the results!

1. Always Get Rid of Your Make up

No matter how tired you are, removing your make-up before going to sleep will always be a must. Sleeping without a drop of makeup allows your lashes to breathe and grow.

2. Brush your Lashes

This habit works just like it does with your hair. Having a tabbed comb will stimulate the follicles and promote new growth.

3. Apply Aloe Vera

To obtain the most natural and effective remedy, the advice is to cut an aloe vera leaf and then apply the gel to the lashes with a brush once or twice a day.

4. Eat Healthy

Well people say that “you’re what you eat”, it is 100% true. If you want long and strong lashes you will have to take care of what you eat and add to your daily diet foods rich in protein, as well as vitamin A and C.

5. Castor Oil

This essential oil stimulates strong eyelashes and new growth. You should apply it before going to bed with a brush and let the magic happen while you sleep.

6. Chamomile

Who knew that something that you have on your kitchen counter could be a solution to have longer and fuller lashes. This home remedy is very simple, you just have to boil the chamomile flower in a cup of water, and apply this liquid to your eyelashes every night, as always, with a clean face and free of makeup.

7. Olive oil

The nutritional properties of olive oil are ideal to make your eyelashes grow stronger. To have longer eyelashes apply drops of olive oil and massage from the bottom up, every night. Remember that your face must be totally clean. You can also add drops of olive oil to your mascara so you can keep them hydrated all day long.

8. A foolproof mix

You can prepare a nutritious mixture that stimulates growth, makes them stronger and more abundant. You just need to mix a slice of vitamin E with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of almond oil. Apply it on your lashes and massage from the bottom up. Remember to have a clean face and apply it every night.


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