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8 Lesser-Known Towns in Switzerland You Should Visit

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Add these charming towns in Switzerland to your bucket list!

For centuries, people from all over the world have appreciated Switzerland for its picturesque beauty. When you think of Switzerland, many imagine the Matterhorn, Lake Geneva, or Swiss National Park. These are popular tourist attractions that bring thousands to Switzerland each year.
But perhaps you’ve been to Switzerland and have already seen these tourist hot spots. You might want to continue to explore this fascinating country and its people by visiting the smaller towns nearby. Here, you can find majestic mountains, green valleys, and places to ski in winter and hike during the summer.
So, let’s take a look at remote towns off the beaten path that are charming and more unknown!


If you think Murren looks familiar, you are correct. It was the location for the James Bond film, “Her Majesty’s Secret Service”!
It is where the cable car and revolving restaurant scene took place!

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