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8 Budget Friendly Watches That Are Worth Buying

In today’s world of expensive watches that break records, cheap watches may seem out of style. If you can’t afford a fancy, you might not be able to join “the club.”This is not true. Many inexpensive watches are stylish, of suitable value, and of good quality. Let’s look at ten cheap watches for men.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 shows that Fitbit makes good smartwatches for a low price. Even though the Versa 3 will come out in 2020 and the Versa 4 in 2018, this model is still the least expensive smartwatch. Still a good choice for fitness fans on a budget because it has many great features.

Fairfield 41mm 

A cream-colored Timex watch with rose-gold markings and a brown leather band can be worn daily. Not only does it go with everything, but it’s also durable: The glass doesn’t scratch easily. Danish watch companies are known for their high-quality, simple, and well-designed products. 

The Pioneer 

The Pioneer is the company’s symbol. It is one of the simplest timepieces we’ve seen. It has a stopwatch and several subdials. The bands can be changed, and the dial and case come in different colors. For a limited time, ATOG gives 10% off to Ape readers (applies site-wide, excluding refurbished products).

The philosopher

Philosophers respect the past and look to the future, but they live in the present. The top of a conical watch is wider than the bottom, and the second-hand moves forward as it gets closer to the present time. On the watch’s face, concentric circles show the space between the actual time. This piece of geometry gives the watch shape and is one of the best-created Nordeen watches.


The price of a Swiss mechanical movement is higher than that of a Japanese one. I like this watch a lot. 37mm, but don’t let that deceive you. Seiko makes some of the cheapest in the world, which makes other watchmakers look like they are not being honest. It is less expensive than some quartz watches and can tell you the day and date. A cheap watch to wear around watch collectors because they can’t say anything wrong about it.


Many watchmakers, like Bremont and IWC with the Longest Flight, have tried to capture the Spitfire’s status as an icon over the years. AVI-8s is a unique interpretation. First, the 42mm case is kind of oval, like an airplane’s fuselage. It’s not so strange that it could be a Dali painting. The dial might be perfect for a classic cockpit. The layout looks more like an airplane instrument panel than a regular automatic watch, but you can still read it.  


This Timex watch won World War II based on the A-11. During the war, this item from the brand’s archives was worn by every allied unit. Quartz, which you’d expect for a watch under £200 (Seiko is an exception), is better than the standard movement in most trendy looks, though. It has a quick way to change the date. It won’t be needed until the battery runs out, but having it is still a good thing.


This watch from Swatch Group is a great choice and has good value. This affordable watch company has been around since 1853, so when you buy from them, you buy real, natural horological history. How to dress? Think about the past. Swatch Group sells automatic watches made by Swissmatic. Everything is good, so you don’t feel like giving up anything.

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