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7 Ways to Reinvent Your Style for the New Year

The new year means it’s time for a new you. Reinventing yourself this year doesn’t have to be a daunting task; you can build new confidence in yourself by reinventing your wardrobe. If you struggle with figuring out what to wear daily or doubting your outfit choice, you might need to ring in the new year with a wardrobe overhaul. Like any New Year’s resolution, you need to have a plan to achieve your goal. If you are going on a vacation, start browsing 7 inch inseam shorts womens collections early. If you want a more expressive style, try finding a statement piece. 

Reinventing your fashion can also help you achieve your other New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s a colorful jacket that helps start conversations to get you out of your shell or comfortable clothes that help you feel more zen, your clothes impact your life. Here are seven ways to create a new style that matches the new you this year. 

Try Outfit Pieces That Are New to Your Wardrobe

This year, the easiest way to venture into fresh styles is to rock outfit pieces you’ve never tried before. Nothing inspires confidence in yourself like realizing you can pull off a style you used to avoid. A pair of cargo pants for women can start a new class of functional pieces that you never knew you needed. Corduroy utility pants could be more than just a new pair of pants; they can unlock a new world of fashion for you to explore and enjoy. If you have a closet full of jegging jeans, try tulip hem jeans or girlfriend jeans to celebrate new horizons and the new year.

Explore New Fits and New Materials to Feel Good in Your Outfits

We have all found materials and cuts of clothes that are our favorites. However, sometimes we can forget to try new fits. We can go years buying the same style of jeans repeatedly. While there is nothing wrong with consistency, there is nothing like the excitement of finding a new fit you love. If you swore off boot cuts years ago, it might be time to try them again. Styles fall in and out of popularity, and new materials can make those cuts fit better than they used to. Slim straight jeans might have used to feel too restricting, but new jeans designed with denim and spandex can help you stay relaxed and comfortable. Flip the page this new year and try new fits to freshen up the feel of your fashion.

Hit Refresh on Your Classic Staple Pieces

Reinventing your style doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out all your favorite clothes. Sometimes the best way to upgrade your wardrobe is to stick with what works. Do you know that your straight leg jeans fit perfectly and work in almost every situation? Don’t throw them out. Treat yourself to a little refresh. Maybe find a different brand that offers straight leg jeans with interior tummy-smoothing panels and a no-gap elastic waistband to make your fit even more flattering. Wardrobe staples will wear down faster than anything else, so keep your outfits looking new by doubling down on what works and picking up multiple pairs of your favorites in varying shades and colors.

Prepare for a Vacation with Warm-Weather Clothes

Winter is still in full force as we ring in the new year. If you plan on taking a warm-weather vacation, you want your reinvented wardrobe to be prepared to travel. You can test your new style in a new climate and area. There is no better place to experiment with your clothes than hundreds of miles away from home. Keep a 7 inch inseam shorts womens selection out for your cruise to Hawaii or road trip to Arizona. Throw in knitted tops and tee shirts to mix and match until you find the right combination. If you want to try something bolder, a pair of white shorts and a flowy blouse is a comfortable look that you might not have tried before. Everyone will notice your glow and the new style you have already practiced wearing when you come back home.

Stock Up on the Basics to Build a Complete Outfit

No matter what style you want to try out for the new year, you will always need a good selection of basics in your closet. It is hard to adopt a style built around leopard print jeggings, a purple top, and high heels. You will have more success in the new year if you build around simple jeans and plain colored bottoms, basic tops, and casual shoes. Then, you can add statement pieces on top of the basics. On days where you don’t feel like dressing up, you can stick to the basics and still look stylish. These pieces go together and complement other styles you want to mix them with. 

Find a Statement Piece that Makes You Feel Confident

The ultimate confidence booster in any new wardrobe is a piece of clothing that draws attention and makes you feel seen. Don’t blend into the background this new year. One of the ways for you to stand out and feel confident is by choosing a statement piece to add to your outfit. These pieces can be tops, bottoms, or shoes. The only rule is that they must be the centerpiece. Fierce and fashionable animal print jegging jeans are perfect for combining comfort and style. Or you can look for a top with a metallic hint that adds a bit of shimmer to your outfit. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Comfortable in Your Fashion

The stigma that you can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time is just plain wrong. If your clothes fit as they should, they will flatter your shape while feeling comfortable. You shouldn’t be stuck in clothes that aren’t made for your shape and size. Searching through a 7 inch inseam shorts womens collection should be about more than what is in style at the moment. Look for something that comfortably molds and holds for worry-free wear. Pair this with a thermal-knit top that will keep you warm and cozy but still show off your style. You wear clothes for almost the entirety of your life, and you deserve to be comfortable no matter how fashionable they are.

Take charge of your style in the new year. Whether you want to refresh the wardrobe you already have or experiment in a completely new direction, this is the time for you to treat yourself. Boost your confidence with a revamped closet full of clothes that make you excited to get ready for the day. 

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