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7 Ways to Keep Your New Shape after Cosmetic Surgery

You’ve spent time and money to achieve your desired shape, now it’s time to focus on self-care in order to maintain your results.

Procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks can boost your confidence and produce amazing results but this doesn’t mean they’ll last forever, not if you don’t make some necessary lifestyle changes.

Here are a few tips that will ensure you can maintain your gorgeous new shape.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Shape Post-Surgery

1. Use your recovery time wisely

Your surgeon provides you with recovery guidelines after your surgery for a reason – to achieve optimal results. By carefully following your surgeon’s instructions and giving your body time to heal, you set the tone for your new lifestyle. It’s also going to take some time before your body will be ready to return to your usual routine, so use this time to plan out your next steps.

2. Surround yourself with the right people

Plastic surgeon Dr David Sharp, recommends getting the right people in your corner after surgery. Whether you hire a nutritionist or a personal trainer or you simply find someone who can hold you accountable, having the necessary support after your surgery will ensure you stay on track.

3. Balance your plate

With so many radical eating plans and diets to choose from, we often forget that the basics work just as well. Balancing your portions of carbohydrates, fat and protein does actually make a difference to your weight. By eating more lean proteins and quality fat then carbohydrates, it becomes easier to maintain your new shape.

4. Get rid of the refined sugar

Refined sugar is delicious but it doesn’t provide your body with anything useful – it simply turns into excess fat cells. There are so many hidden sugars in the everyday foods that you eat, so learn to read labels.

5. Plan a new training regime

Movement and exercise are essential for a healthy body and mind. Your recovery is the best time to plan out a new training regime. Adding more strength training to your exercise routines will increase muscle tone and burn unwanted fat cells. You don’t need to rush into it either – start slow and find a rhythm that works for you. Exercise can be anything you want it to be, so find something that motivates and inspires you. Whether you join a cross-fit gym or create your own workouts at home, the fact that you’re moving your body and breaking a sweat is all that matters.

6. Watch those stress levels

Many people don’t realize the effect that stress can have on their weight. When you experience high levels of stress, your cortisol levels rise, which is when excess fat cells start to accumulate. Basically, your body moves into fight or flight mode and storing fat is your body’s way of surviving. High cortisol levels will also make you crave refined sugars and processed foods, which is another reason why people tend to put on weight when they’re stressed.

7. Make hydration a priority

Yes, something as simple as staying hydrated can go a long way in helping you maintain your new shape after cosmetic surgery. Drinking more water will even help your body heal more rapidly, plus it’s great for your skin too. At least 2 liters of water should be the norm but if you’re planning to exercise quite intensely, you may want to drink more.

With the help of your surgeon and these tips, you can look forward to enjoying the results of your surgery and new-found confidence.


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