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7 Tricks to Accentuate Your Eyes

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Consider using eyelash enhancers or False Lashes

Eyelash enhancers are more than popular nowadays, being chosen by women of different ages and occupations. The best eyelash enhancers are the ones which contain active ingredients as they, not only to add volume, but also stimulate the growth of eyelashes. These products also contain substances that are capable of acting directly on the eyelash follicle, stimulating it to grow and develop. Some ingredients included are
natural extracts, such as honey, chamomile, nettle, alfalfa, and pumpkin seed.

If you’d like to avoid the eyelash enhancers due to an allergy to an ingredient, you can always use Katlash!

KAT-LASH-katarina-van-derham-Flirt--viva glam magazine-mother's day gifts made by female entrepreneurs
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Kat lash | $9.99

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