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7 Trending Colorful Eye Makeup Looks That Will Give Your Eyes A Pop Appearance

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If you look inside a lady’s handbag, it will reveal a lot about her makeup choices and daily routine. We bet, 7 out of ten women will have an eye makeup item in their bag. Why? We love eye makeup. And most of us love good eye-makeup drama! Don’t be afraid of these complex looks; practice makes perfect, just like any other sophisticated makeup look. Here are seven trending and colorful eye makeup looks that will make everyone go, “WOW!”

7 Trending Colorful Eye Makeup That Will Make Your Eyes Pop,
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Photo by @vasiliaaaa/instagram

If you are the type of person who likes to keep things simple, then this light eye makeup look with natural-looking eyebrows will surely stun you. You don’t need a makeup expert or to spend hundreds of bucks on a professional to pull off this colorful eye makeup look. You can do this look quickly at home.

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