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7 Things to Bring On Your Next Sailing Trip

The idea of the sea gushing in front of you, the sun warming over your skin, and the wind blowing your hair is exciting and bound to make your day better. No wonder it’s said that being near the water makes you a happier person.

The fact that you will have the time of your life on the water doesn’t mean that you should go at it haphazardly—you should prepare for it.

One way to do it is to ensure that you have all the items you need for your big trip. Which are these things you need for your sailing trip? Here they are:

Licenses and registration

To avoid problems with the law and end up ruining a day that was meant to be fun, you should meet the legalities required to operate a boat.

Research the state laws regarding owning and operating a boat and ensure that you meet the requirement.

For weeks or even months before the expedition, find proper licenses, documentation, and registration.

Although different states have different requirements, as a bare minimum, most will require that you have a boat registration and education card.

If you are planning to fish while on the trip, you will need a fishing license.

Ensure that you have the license to operate the boat, but if the trip date comes and you don’t have the permit, consider hiring an experienced captain.

Water and wind-friendly accessories

You need accessories to keep you safe from the water, wind, and even the sun. 

Even if the weather forecast report says that the sea will be flat as a pancake, it’s not unusual for mother nature to act as she wishes, so to avoid scalding your skin with hot coffee when strong winds hit, carry a travel mug with a secure top.

To protect your skin from the sun, put on a hat that stays in place even in strong winds. 

Besides the hat, also carry some sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before you leave the house and throughout the day for maximum protection.

Sunglasses are also an excellent addition to protecting your eyes from the sun’s bright glare. Get quality ones that will provide you with maximum protection.

Plenty of accidents have been reported when people on the boat slip and fall. The fall is usually harmless, but some cases have been reported with broken bones and large scars.

To avoid embarrassing falls on your next trip, wear sandals with a good thread that allows you to navigate slippery decks and stairs safely. Don’t wear flip-flops as they are unsafe, especially when you unexpectedly hit the water.

Boating safety equipment

Safety boating accessories are required by law to keep the people onboard safe.

Vessels with permanent fuel tanks, living spaces, enclosed engines, or combustible materials are required by law to have fire extinguishers. You can have one or more extinguishers, depending on the size of your boat.

You also need a boat horn and whistle, which comes in handy when crossing, overtaking, or meeting other vessels.

Communication devices on your boat are necessary to maintain communication with the mainland. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you have marine radio and mobile phone on board.

These devices should be waterproof. It will even be better if you can keep them inside waterproof cases to prevent them from getting wet.

Smart clothing options

As a rule of thumb, pack only quick dry fabric clothes. If you will be swimming, pack at least two bathing suits. This is because bathing suits don’t dry quickly and the icky feeling of pulling on a wet suit isn’t pleasant.

When you have two suits, you can swim in one while drying the other. Having two suits also ensures that you always have a clean one.

Stay away from light-colored clothes. As much as you love your long white skirt, don’t pack it for your boat trip.

Besides easily getting stained when drinks spill, light-colored clothes become see-through when you get wet. You don’t want other people seeing through your dress, do you?

Motion sickness remedy

Even those with iron stomachs have fallen prey to motion sickness, so it’s wise to prepare for it. Before the trip, get seasick medicine from your doctor.

If you love going the natural route, try ginger, a powerful non-drowsy remedy.

Different people respond differently to medicines, and what works for one person might not work for you, so consult your doctor, and they will advise on the best remedy for you.

Snacks and drinks

You will not enjoy your trip while hungry, so you should bring snacks and drinks. For the food to last for a long time, insulate it in portable coolers or refrigerators.

To avoid confusion, always plan for the meals ahead. It’s always wise to come with already prepared food, but if the boat is large and has room to cook, prepare the meals on board.

 If preparing the meals on the boat, plan on the items you will be cooking beforehand and ensure that you bring all the necessary ingredients to cover all the people on board.

It doesn’t hurt to come with a bit of extra food, but it shouldn’t be too much that it gets spoilt.


As much as being on a boat is fun, it can have a lot of downtime. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can beat boredom and keep yourself entertained. An excellent way is by coming up with a deck of cards.

Besides being entertaining, cards are a great way to know more about the other passengers on the boat.

If cards aren’t your thing, you can bring along a couple of novels to read.

You can also entertain yourself with photo shoots, so bring a waterproof camera. Besides taking photos of yourself and the other people on the boat, you can use the camera to capture sea life, spectacular sunsets, and picture-perfect coasts.

Finally, there is no way you can sail without good music. Prepare your favorite music list before you set sail, and you will have an experience of your life with your favorite tunes in your ears.

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