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7 Summer Dress Trends You Need to Know

We are at the height of summer, and fall is already around the corner. But there’s one summer dress trend that seems like it’s not going anywhere any time soon. That trend is women’s maxi dresses with unusual styles, patterns, and embellishments. Yes, the maxi dress has been popular for a while now. But this summer, fashion trends are riskier and more unique than ever.

 7 Summer Dress Trends You Need to Know

Before you put away your summer dresses in the hopes for cooler fall weather, take a look at these summer dress trends that may make you want to keep on wearing that favorite maxi dress.

1. Maximalist Dresses

For many years, most dress trends involved neutral colors and color-blocking. Increasingly, bold colors and patterns have started to emerge, and now, maximalist designs are all the rage. Maximalist dresses embrace bold colors and prints, full skirts, and bold statements. It is not unusual to see maximalist dresses featuring bold floral prints, tropical designs, or tie-dye.

2. The Slip Dress

The slip dress has made a comeback in 2021. Slip maxi dresses are easy, soft, and can transition from day to night with the right accessories. These dresses are great for summer because the fabric is light and airy.

3. Mod Revival Dresses

It’s no secret that fits and fabrics from the 60’s and 70’s have made a comeback. Maxi dresses this summer often have boxier silhouettes and are made from fabrics and patterns that pay homage to the disco era. Paisley, plaid, and denim are three fabrics trending right now.

4. Bodycon Fit Dresses

As more and more people leave their pandemic-safe homes, women everywhere are looking for just the right outfit to signal their return to society. Bodycon fit dresses are increasingly popular. Bodycon dresses are meant to be seen. They hug your body in all the right places, highlighting your assets, and drawing attention away from areas you want to downplay.

5. The Elevated Basic Dress

Basic dresses are those staple wardrobe pieces that are simple (almost too simple), but you can wear with almost any accessory or shoe without a problem. This summer, one of the hottest trends is “elevated” versions of these basic dresses. Simple designs like a tank dress or strapless maxi may have a cutout or embellishment that is unique and really catches the eye. 

6. Mesh Dresses

Mesh dresses are no longer a trend that only applies to lingerie or club wear. Now, mesh dresses are a huge trend, and there are an increasing number of fabric and style choices. With the right bra and panties or shorts underneath, a mesh dress can really turn heads without giving off that “over-the-top” vibe that may draw the wrong kind of attention.

7. Princesscore Dresses

“Princesscore” is a term now popular in describing the romantic style of dresses that is making headlines this summer. Frilly, voluminous, and often featuring puffed sleeves – these dresses are like something straight out of a storybook. The trend is increasingly popular, and you can find a variety of styles in maxi and mini dresses.

Are you Ready to Try These Trends?

The maxi dress has been a wardrobe staple for several years. Now, with these new trends, you can try some new ways to wear your favorite maxi dresses, or add new maxi dresses to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to try new trends and turn up the heat on this summer’s wardrobe.

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