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7 Popular Hair Trends that Women are Trying in 2019

Every year, there are a number of exciting hair, fashion and beauty trends to try out, and 2019 is no different. From styles and products to hair accessories, there is always something new and exciting to try.

Whether you are dying to try out a new style or you simply want to stay up to date on the latest hair trends, keep reading.

2019’s Most Popular Hair Trends

Going Naturally Grey

A large percentage of women (and men) are embracing their grey hairs. In fact, the trend has become so popular that Pinterest searches about going grey increased by over 800%. If you want to highlight your natural grey streaks, you want to lighten your hairline to match the grey color in your hair. If you’re currently sporting longer hair, you may also want to cut your hair if you want to show more grey than the other colors in your hair.

Adult Hair Accessories are In

Hair accessories are no longer reserved for young girls and teenagers. Sophisticated hair clips, bows and ribbons are fast becoming a popular trend amongst adults who want to add something different to their daily hairstyles. More and more suppliers are adding accessories of different shapes and styles to their collections because of the high demand amongst adults.

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It’s all about the Volume

Volume has always been important to women, but it seems that 2019 is all about big volume. The big volume trend was first introduced on the Versace pre-fall 2019 runway. More and more women are using volumizing shampoos, hair sprays and products such as Jadore Clip In Hair Extensions to extend and boost their tresses this year.

Change Your Hair Color at Home

Where home-dye jobs were once a no-no, today, there are a number of products that make it that much easier to get it right. At-home coloring systems such as those from Josh Wood allow you to easily touch up your roots in between your salon appointments. Products such as this are popular because women have such busy schedules as it is and can’t always spend an hour at the salon.

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The Top Knot is Back

Top knots were popular a few years back and it seems that modern top knots are now back in the game. This is not the same as the top knot you would create if you didn’t have time to wash your hair though. Experts recommend that you first tie your hair into a ponytail before you create a bun. This will leave the ends of your hair loose and messy, which creates a sleek look with a touch of texture.

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Curls and Waves are Out

Where curls and soft waves were once the go-to style for many women, this year, it’s all about super-straight hair. 2019 is the year where more women will be heating up those straighteners to create sleek and smooth hairstyles.

A Touch of Gloss

Super shiny hair is another trend that is currently showing up around the world. To achieve this look, apply a special coating spray before you blow dry your hair. Applying an oil serum afterwards will give you that glossy finishing touch. Remember to use a round brush to smooth your hair out even more.

Fortunately, all of the above-mentioned hair trends are easy to achieve if they are something you would like to try. Finding a professional salon to assist you with any major changes is always a good idea though if you want to walk away with results you love.


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