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7 In-Style Accessories We Just Can’t Live Without

Okay fashion queens, today we’re going to talk about how you can spice up your everyday wardrobe using your arsenal of accessories. Accessories are awesome because they allow you to shop basic essentials and reinvent your outfit with every wear! They’re incredibly versatile, which allows you to express your unique personality and sense of style. Deck every outfit of the day (OOD) according to your mood, whether that may be playful, edgy, feminine, or sleek.

You know the basics — classic studs, sterling silver rings, so on and so forth — but we’re presenting you with a list of freshly trending accessories that we just can’t live without.

  • Choker
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While there are a number of fashion trends we hope never come back, the choker craze is welcomed with wide open arms. The fall 2019 runway was filled with women wearing bold, badass chokers featuring leather, stud, and metal elements. The punk grunge vibe is accentuated with combat boots, or your can romanticize the look with pearls.

  • Watch

There’s nothing more chic than a sophisticated timepiece! Watches for women can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Go for glitz and glam when you’re heading out for a night on a town, sporting an oversized frame encapsulated with Swarovski crystals. Or, for your everyday aesthetic, opt for a look that’s more demure and features a petit watch face with a classic brown leather strap.

  • Long Earrings

Accentuate your neck and jawline with a pair of long, dangly earrings. This is one trend you’re sure to see all over Instagram this fall season as we start bundling up in layers and find ways to stand out within all our fabric. Tassels and pendants are dramatic are impossible to miss!

  • Bracelet Stack

Why choose one bracelet when you can have a stack of them? We prefer the bracelet stack trend way more than the thick, gold cuff movement. For one, cuffs don’t fit well on all women; what’s uncomfortably snug for one person might be so loose on another that it has to be worn on the forearm to prevent slippage. Two, bracelet stacks can be swapped in and out depending on the OOD. You can wear them half way up your arm or go for just a couple when you feel like being simplistic. Combine them however you want to achieve your targeted look! Added bonus: you and your friends can make DIY bracelet stacks easily at home, meaning this is one fashion trend that won’t break the bank.

  • Gemstone Ring
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In the past, we only saw gemstones such as amethyst, opal, and labradorite on pendants and earrings, but this year we’re seeing amazing craftsmanship in wire wrapped rings that hold beautiful stones. Dainty and delicate, these accessories are subtle enough to wear every day. If you believe the healing power of stones, pick one out that speaks to your aura. Otherwise, opt for a uniquely colorful stone like citrine or blue lace agate to add contrast to your ensembles.

  • Infinity Scarf

It is fall, after all, and this list would be incomplete without a couple references to seasonal accessories. Looking back at fashion trends over the past decade, we can see that those thick, cable knit scarves have made way for the new infinity scarf to take the stage. These guys, as their name implies, are never-ending pieces of fabric and look like one continuous loop. Drape it over your head and relish in the visible neckline or wrap in around twice for extra warmth on the days that it’s cold outside.

  • Waist Belts

As the season starts to change and fall turns into winter, you’re going to be rocking a lot of trench coats in the likeness of Kate Middleton. To make the straight silhouette flatter your shape, you’re going to want to pair it with a waist belt that can draw the fabric in at your curves. Go bold! Try an animal print on for size or go for a bright red hue that will draw eyes toward your high-waisted ensemble.

The best news is that you don’t need to splurge on these trendy accessories to look your best. There are so many low-cost e-commerce sites that offer incredible savings on all these essentials. Head on over and check them out!

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