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7 Fun Party Ideas for Adventurous Adults

There is a big misconception out there that fancy dress parties are only for children. Yet, the most adventurous adults will tell you that this is certainly not true. The right theme can bring some extra fun to your gathering, where you and your guests can relax further in each other’s company. When combined with fun entertainment, tasty snacks, and refreshing tipples, some party ideas will make your party a truly memorable occasion. To help you choose the right theme, it’s wise to take note of some popular adult party ideas.

Seventies disco

Dancing and parties have always gone hand in hand, which is why disco themes always incite excitement in every type of guest. Along with being incredibly versatile, it is easy to dress glamorously, which is ideal if you want to dress to impress. Sequins, glitter and flares are all compulsory aspects to party costumes, but you should also pull out all the stops for your entertainment. You might wish to start with a seventies disco playlist, before bringing out a tribute band that people can sing along to. With all this considered, there is no surprise that people choose to have a disco party to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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The Great Gatsby

Since the book was released, people have been trying to recreate Gatsby’s epic parties for their own adult soirees. As a classic spin on “Roaring Twenties” themed parties, people will relish the chance to dress in traditional flapper costumes, and in suave suits. Such outfits can be made from old clothes, or found online. One important component to a party like this is some delicious alcoholic beverages. To suit the theme, invest in some sparkling wine, which you can also find non-alcoholic versions of easily in your local store. You could even make a Gin Rickey cocktail, by mixing gin, lime juice, sweet syrup and soda water before serving.

Harry Potter

As an iconic tale that defined everyone’s childhood, Harry Potter remains a popular party idea among adults and children alike. Making your costume is easy, as you will need only a black sheet, an old school tie, and a wand. Add some extra fun to the mix by assigning each guest a character before they come. The best Harry Potter parties are not only defined by fantastic costumes, however, as you will need to decorate your venue properly. You can do this by purchasing some Harry Potter themed discount party supplies to scatter around the venue. Give yourself enough time to decorate by starting your preparations a few hours before guests are due to arrive.

Tropical party

Hosting a themed party at your home can be a lot of fun, but it can also leave piles of trash that must be cleaned up the next day. Often, people move their party elsewhere to avoid this tedious cleaning process. Both beaches and outdoor pools are a popular alternative, especially in the summer months, or in hotter climates. Take your traditional pool party theme to the next level by asking your guests to dress as all things tropical. Tropical printed shirts, fruit salad costumes and coconut bikinis are only a few costume ideas you can consider. Luckily, they are all very easy to find and wear.


Masquerade balls have always been parties of fantasy, where you can dress in your finest clothes and wear a beautiful mask. Those planning a more upmarket party are more likely to consider this theme, as it combines fairy tale elements with luxury touches. Yet, its pure convenience makes it a well-loved idea for all kinds of parties. For a theme like this, successful planning accounts for the smallest of details. This is why cooking your own canapés is a great idea, as they are the perfect accompaniment to premixed drinks. Even the worst of cooks can promise a tasty array of treats for their guests with some simple online recipes.

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James Bond

When people try to brainstorm different party ideas, the one which always rises to the top of the list is James Bond. Wedding receptions and birthday parties alike have been inspired by the classy, casino elements of James Bond, where each guest can pull on their swankiest party dress and black bow tie. This is one theme that requires a lot of planning, so you should consider hiring a party planner. Hiring a magician or casino sets for your party is also a great idea. Remember to put the finishing touches to your party by handing out some Vesper martinis, which you can make at home before your party begins.

Summer picnic

Sometimes, you just want an easy party to plan. There are few themes which assure this easiness with the same level of success, but hosting a summer picnic is one of them. You can turn this theme into almost anything you want it to be, from an evening garden party to an afternoon tea party. Ideally, you should make sure the weather is guaranteed to be amazing on party day, so that you avoid any weather disasters. When you are decorating your yard, make sure you collect a variety of mismatched blankets, cushions and bean bags for people to sit on. To take the pressure off guests, keep the dress code casual.

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